This Father’s Day, treat your dear old dad to a few cocktails from Chopin Potato Vodka. Chopin is earthy, creamy, full-bodied, and viscous and “a wonderful vodka to drink in a martini,” says Tad Dorda, Founder & CEO of Chopin Vodka.

As many as 40 potatoes (seven pounds) are required to make one 750-ml bottle of Chopin; grown in the Podlasie region of Poland the naturally high starch content (18%) of the potatoes contributes to a creamy, rich texture and mouth feel. Family-owned and handcrafted, Chopin sources their potatoes from small, practicing-organic farms of 250 acres or less that use only traditional growing, fertilization, and harvesting methods.


Each of the following three martinis are one is different in style, from proper cocktail bar @ Townsend, casual cocktail bar @ Cu29 and Steakhouse with Bobs.


50/50 Martini ($15)50-50-martini

At The Townsend, by Justin Elliott

1.5 oz Chopin Potato Vodka

1.5 oz Dolin Dry Vermouth

2 dashes orange bitters

Lemon zest/twist garnish




Cucumber Fresca ($12)cucumber lime agua fresca

At Cu29, by Gina Capinelli

1.5 oz Chopin Potato Vodka

3 oz muddled cucumber

Dash of simple


Top with a splash of soda.

Chile-rimmed glass


Chopin Bleu Martini ($18) Chopin-Wheat-Rye-Potato-Vodkas

At Bob’s Steak and Chop, by Jimmy Fitzgerald

4 oz Chopin Potato Vodka


Served up with three Bleu cheese stuffed olives


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