August 16th is National Rum Day!  Last week I covered #TexasTikiWeek and  learned much about Rum thanks to Rob’s Rum Guide, the fabulous sponsors and reps who participated. Who knew there was so many different types of rum? You’ve got White Rum, Gold Rum, Dark Rum, Aged Rum, Overproof Rum, Rhum Agricole, Cachaca and Spiced/Flavored Rum. How is this @VodkaGirlATX suppose to know what to drink? Well, we have some suggestions for some great drinks you should try to get your Rum on. Here’s some offerings from The TownsendIcenhauer’s and Rocco’s Grill.

The Townsend

718 Congress Avenue
Hours: Nightly from 4 p.m. to 2 a.m.
Photo credit for The Townsend drink photos: Eat Your Heart Out Photography
Both drinks are crafted by Townsend food-and-beverage wrangler Justin Elliott.
The Single Engine Plane (Mount Gay Black Barrel Rum, lime juice, orgeat syrup, aromatic bitters) is named after a lyric by The Clash, and is similar to a dirtied-up daiquiri. The drink uses aged rum augmented with the nutty richness of the orgeat syrup, and has Caribbean hard spice in the aromatic bitters to create an earthy, slightly aggressive taste, while still retaining all the likability of the source material. The Single Engine Plane is $11.
Single Engine Plane 2
Reconstruction Julep (Mount Gay Black Barrel Rum, Cognac Paul Beau VS, turbinado sugar, mint) is an historically minded iteration of the Julep family of cocktails, and this drink would not seem out of place in any bar in America in 1875, which was the year the Townsend-Thompson Building was erected. Many early American Julep recipes were brandy-based and frequently finished with a splash of Jamaican rum. The Reconstruction Julep inverts that structure and builds upon a foundation of this heavy Bajan rum with a small amount of a young and vibrant Cognac. The Reconstruction Julep is $13.
Reconstruction Julep 1


83 Rainey Street

Hours: Daily from 2 p.m. to 2 a.m. and

Icenhaurer’s, Rainey Street’s stylish bungalow bar known for its namesake cocktails, has a strawberry infused rum cocktail The Crystal (raspberry, blackberry, and strawberry infused rum, muddled berries, mint, lime juice, simple, blue curaçao) on the new summer drink menu. Named after owner Michael Icenhaurer’s long time friend, The Crystal is a crisp berry mash up and is perfect on a hot summer night! The Crystal is $9.


Rocco’s Grill 

12432 Bee Cave Rd, Bee Cave, TX 78738
Hours: Daily from 11:00 a.m. to 10 p.m.
Take a trip out to west to try the Soul of Summer (Coconut Spiced Rum, fresh strawberry, lemon, agave, Angostura bitters) cocktail at Rocco’s Grill. This drink is perfect for winding down while sitting and enjoying live music on the Rocco’s Grill patio. The drink is also available during Sunday brunch, and on August 16 (National Rum Day), the Bee Cave restaurant will be serving up dishes like waffles and wings with 20 percent of the proceeds going to The Flatwater Foundation. The Soul of Summer is $10.

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