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Just outside of downtown Smithville is a little distillery that produces not one, but four kinds of spirits….one being my favorite, vodka. I was told of this place by a friend and since it was close by, I decided to drive out one afternoon.

Bone Spirits produces vodka, gin, moonshine and whiskey. Upon arriving, I was given some background on the process, an bones4informative tour and then ended with a tasting of all the products. Straight off Hwy 71 (approx an hour outside of Austin), it is worth a visit with it’s private tasting room upstairs in the distillery built entirely by the owner – you’ll love the decor. Their Farm to Bottle philosophy of commitment of sustainability to the community is displayed on the tasting room wall.

Not being a big gin drinker, I was pleasantly surprised to enjoy their Moody June Gin with it’s clean taste, made from local junipers and citrus. Their Smiths Premium Vodka is 3x distilled in a copper pot still and uses a column system (something not all distilleries do) that gives it a strong, but smooth taste with a sweet peppery finish. Fitch’s Goat Moonshine is another of their spirits produced as it the Fitch’s Goat Corn Whiskey.

On my way out, I met and visited with the owner, Jeff Peace and had a very interesting conversation about vodkas in today’s marketplace. Great group of guys who truly love what they do.

Pay them a visit. Open every day except Sundays. Located at 802 NE 1st St, Smithville, Tx 78957. Oh, and try a Mo’s Pear: 1 oz Smiths Premium Vodka, 1 oz pear juice and 2 ozs cranberry juice. YUM!


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