Step up your pie game and ditch that store bought brand and replace it with a an American classic and delicious apple pie from Blue Star Kitchen + Bar.   The Apple Pie has layers upon layers of fresh apples with the perfect mix of cinnamon and sugar, it will become your new classic. Put down that can of apple pie filling and pick up a real dessert for a change.

Blue Star Kitchen + Bar | Classic Apple Pie

Green apples 13     each            
Sugar, granulated 1/2 cups            
Sugar, brown 1/2 cups            
Lemon juice 4     fl oz            
Cinnamon 2     tsp            
Cornstarch 1/2 cup            


Peel, core, and slice apples              
Mix everything together in a pot              
Cook on medium heat until corn starch thickens        
Let cool and pour into unbaked pie crust



Cover with second unbaked pie crust


Flute edges 


Bake at 350 for 50 minutes



apple pie

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