Food tourism is perhaps something that’s not been heard before. However, it is possible to rake in the tourists by simply having the best food that a certain place can offer. This has been the case for many tourist destinations worldwide. In the absence of breathtaking sceneries, tourists are treated with the best gastronomic experience they have ever encountered.


With this said, is having the best-fried chicken enough to make any place a tourist haven? Possible. However, what makes the best-fried chicken anyway? It is best to dissect the inner workings and mystery behind the supposedly best-fried chicken ingredients and recipe.


Components to Having the Perfect or Best Fried Chicken:



The starch is responsible for the crispy exterior. For many, using flour is enough to make the crust crispy. However, this is not enough. It has to be amped up with other flavorful elements to make the crust even more irresistible. It doesn’t matter what kind of starch you use (potato or corn starch). Remember, the crust is just as important as the quality of the meat. For the fried chicken to be delectable, its awesome characteristics must start from the crust.


The most important thing to do is to season it with herbs and spices which you think best suits the fried chicken recipe. You are in control of the show. It’s your fried chicken recipe. Try to research for different herbs and spices that pair well with chicken dishes. Don’t be surprised to see thyme and oregano as part of the list.



From the exterior, we move on to the actual chicken meat. Brining is responsible for the added moistness and creaminess of the chicken meat. The most popular brining method is by using buttermilk. However, others choose to use salt for brining. To be sure, prepare a batch using buttermilk and another with salt. Serve it to family and friends and make them choose which they prefer more.


Since this is not just an ordinary fried chicken, the brining method may also be loaded with special treats. Try adding more flavor to the brine. Chili oil, maybe? Or say some Sriracha for that added kick? Be careful when adding too many flavor components, though. Remember, the starch is already seasoned. Adding too much to the brine may make the fried chicken bad.



First, choose the best meat. It has to be the freshest chicken you can ever find. Fresh meat has this special flavor missing in other almost-stale cuts. Also, the right cut has to be considered. Try using chicken thighs. Compared to the breast, the thighs are known to be juicier and tastier.


The chicken thigh is also perfect for deep frying. It can withstand high temperatures without turning dry and tough. This way, you are sure to get a crispy coating with tender, juicy, and moist chicken meat. If you are figure conscious, chicken breast is a good alternative. Just be careful not to overcook it. Also, make sure it is seasoned enough to still have a flavorful fried chicken piece at every bite.


Come up with an interesting fried chicken twist

Tourists may flock to the area for its best-fried chicken. However, it may not be sustained. Remember, the competition for having the best fried chicken is steep. You should constantly innovate to stay ahead of the pack. Offer something new and different that will make them interested to visit. The approach may vary. It could be from the unique new flavor of the fried chicken or how it is presented.


What about a fried chicken burger?

This is something that many fried chicken enthusiasts are not aware of. Is it possible to have both burgers and fried chicken in one? Well, it is. Big Mumma’s Fried Chicken in Deer Park has perfected this dish. Try having it and see what you can do to create your version. Of course, nothing beats the original. However, creativity is also highly encouraged. Go ahead, give it a try.


A healthy fried chicken is just as interesting

Healthy fried chicken has a lot of components that you can read here. Since many people are into eating healthier, a healthy fried chicken option may make them scrambling to try it first. Give it a little time and it shall gain traction and popularity. Don’t fall trap to a bland but healthy fried chicken. It is vital to still keep the fried chicken flavorful and delectable in spite of its healthy attributes.


Best fried chicken and tourists? Possible!

Fried chicken is among the world’s most favorite comfort foods. Marketing it uniquely or giving it a different spin may make it so famous that tourists may flock to try it. With enough support, dedication, persistence, and excellent knowledge in marketing (especially social media marketing), the quest to bring tourists simply for having the best fried chicken is all that possible.

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