In an effort to help spread our love for dads and father figures in people’s lives, GrowlerWerks is asking the world to tell us why their father figure is the quintessential #uKegDad.  And they can win uKegs in the process!

Many of us can remember our first beer. More often than not, that first experience occurred with our father, step­dad, older brother, an uncle, a second mom or some form of father figure. Tell us about it!

“#uKegDad” is a toast to those father figures and the influence they have had on us. Whether a father figure taught you to tighten the chain on your bike, drive a car, surf, make a campfire, or you two have matching tattoos, father figures give us examples worth following. They help us become better men or women and parents ourselves. Cheers to that.

Growlerwerks Father'sDay

Giveaway Prize

A #uKegDad is any father figure who has given you something worth holding onto for life; Celebrate yours and let us help!

  • 6 ­ uKeg 64 & uKeg 128 (stainless) with custom North Leather Co. Carry cases