When comparing Austin to other cities around the country let’s face it, we certainly have our foodie-mojo working for us these days!  We pretty much have everything you could possibly want in a food town.  Best BBQ? Check!  Amazing Chefs? Check!  More than enough Tex-Mex to create a new country? Yup, check!  I think it’s safe to say, we probably have the coolest food-town in the entire State of Texas.  Sorry Houston, Dallas and San Antonio!

No food town is complete without it’s brunch spots and Austin is hardcore about it’s brunch lifestyle.  In fact, if you ask most Austinites what’s most important on their weekend to-do lists, you’ll be hard-pressed to find someone that doesn’t include brunch.  Brunch is not just another chore, for us it’s a way of life!

We spent the summer eating our way across the city to find our favorite brunch spots of the summer season.  We had a wealth of options but couldn’t select just one.  of only selecting one, we selected our favorites.


Odd Duck

Odd Duck Brunch

Photo: Hayden Walker – Austin Food Magazine

Odd Duck debuted it’s brunch in May and it’s been a smash hit ever since!  Bryce Gilmore’s talent in the kitchen is about as impressive as blockbuster performance from Tom Hanks.  Combine a fantastic menu, a comfortable covered patio, mixed with that south/central Austin charm makes this spot an absolute MUST on anyone’s summer brunch list. Menu options like Tater Tot Hash, Fried Egg Sandwich with house cured spied bacon, and a Bear Claw (yes that Bear Claw) makes this spot the star of South Lamar.

Our Favorite: Fried Egg Sanwhich

TRACE – W Hotel

Trace - The Brunch Spread

Photo: Hayden Walker – Austin Food Magazine

Nearly half the city has enjoyed a cocktail or two at the W Hotel downtown.  TRACE delivers an pleasurable experience with a taste of the good life, literally.  The chic atmosphere and tasty selections make this spot one of downtown Austin’s finest experiences you’ll have.  The amazing brunch menu includes Chicken Fried Lockhart Quail & Waffles, Biscuits & Gravy with house-made sausage, and the B.E.L.T. Sandwich.

Our Favorite:  The B.E.L.T. Sanwich

Max’s Wine Dive

Max's Wine Dive - Brunch

Photo: Hayden Walker – Austin Food Magazine

Max’s Wine Dive may not be a local original to Austin, but this Texas based restaurant has always been one of our favorites.  Basing their concept on gourmet comfort food, you’ll find incredible brunch dishes like Deep Fried Crawfish Eggs Benedict, Fried Egg Sandwich with kettle chips, and my favorite the Fried Chicken and Waffles.  The amazing food and the eclectic and funky atmosphere offers a casual dining experience Austinites have always enjoyed.

Our Favorite: Fried Chicken and Waffles


Photo: Courtney Pierce - Austin Food Magazine

Photo: Courtney Pierce – Austin Food Magazine

This cozy little spot in the heart of downtown will has the perfect vibe paired with an outstanding menu.  The small interior has a European-feel, giving true meaning to “curb appeal”,  making it consummate for Sunday brunch.  The New American style menu is as impressive as the location. Executive Chef Kristine Kittrell’s menu features locally farmed ingredients with dishes like Lockhart Quail & Biscuit, Corned Beef Hash & Poached Eggs, Smoked Salmon Croque Madame, and the Prosciutto Sandwich.  

Our Favorite: Lockhart Quail & Biscuit

Salt & Time

Photo: Hayden Walker - Austin Food Magazine

Salt & Time isn’t your grandfather’s old butcher shop, they’re 5 times better!  Did your grandfather eat brunch at his butcher shop?  Could he have ever conceived of such a concept as Deep Fried Eggs Benedict?  This spot is a meat-lover’s paradise, filled with the atmosphere of a classic American butcher shop and East Austin’s own hip new style.  Salt & Time has the manliest brunch in town.  You will not leave hungry!  Its hearty and fills a spot in soul with a warm home cooked goodness.

Our Favorites: Deep Fried Eggs Benedict (pictured), Grilled Bologna 


Swift’s Attic


Located just above the famous Elephant Room in downtown Austin, Swift’s Attic historic location on Congress Ave. doesn’t lend it self to any one particular style of cuisine.  The location accentuates it’s historic charm and modern character with an impressive brunch menu Austinites should not miss.  Unique dishes like the PBJ Foie Pancakes, and Jonny Cakes will knock you out of your chair, just make sure you finish your plate first!  Then, you have our permission to fall out of your chair.

Our Favorites: Croque Maddame, Straight Plate with sourdough toast