Salt & Time isn’t your grandfather’s old butcher shop.  Did your grandfather eat brunch at his butcher shop?  Could he have ever conceived of such a dish as Deep Fried Eggs Benedict?  This spot has the attributes and atmosphere of a vintage American butcher shop mixed with East Austin’s own hip new style Austinites have grown to love.  Salth & Time is a meat-lovers paradise and has one of the manliest brunches in town.  The dishes are meaty and hearty, filling a spot in your soul with warm home cooked goodness.  It is impossible to leave hungry. 

Cuvee Cold Brewed Coffee

Salt and Time Menu with Cuvee Coffee

Cuvee’s Black and Blue iced coffee sets tone for this brunch experience. 

Deep Fried Eggs Benedict

Salt and Time Benedict

Two poached & fried eggs with prosciutto, hollandaise, brioche, side of deep fried potatoes


Smoked Pork Hash

Salt and Time - Hash

Slow smoked pork, mushroom, potatoes, onion, pepper, sliced jalapenos and cheese topped with a poached egg.