Craft cider company also expanding Small Batch bottle series 

Austin Eastciders is proud to officially unveil their second cider to be available in cans, Texas Honey, which will be sold at select HEB groceries and other fine grocery stores throughout Texas beginning February 2015. The company’s ciders are now available in over 100 locations on tap, with cans and bottles widely available in bars, restaurants and grocery stores across Texas. Austin Eastciders is also releasing their second in a series of limited-edition small batch ciders, Small Batch No. 2 made with Arkansas Black apples, in late February 2015.

Hard cider, the original drink of America pre-Prohibition, is making a massive come back. Austin Eastciders, makers of craft ciders in Austin, Texas, is experiencing rapid expansion as the industry grows.


Unlike other ciders on the market, Austin Eastciders uses bittersweet cider apples to produce a drier, smoother, more complex taste. Austin Eastciders is one of very few cider companies in the United States producing ciders using these varieties of apples. Austin Eastciders Texas Honey is a combination of dessert apples and bittersweet apples blended with locally sourced Texas honey to create Eastciders’ take on this traditional Old World cider style. Honey was traditionally used to sweeten bone-dry cider, bringing about this unique style. Adding honey to the cider blend creates a subtle, rounded, mellow sweetness, balancing the astringency of the cider apples.

Honey Can Hi ContrastSlightly sweeter than Eastciders Original – this cider appeals to craft cider and craft beer lovers, honey lovers, non-cider drinkers,  proud Texans, and those who like their drinks a little sweeter. The balance and complexity of all the Austin Eastciders cider varieties also appeals to cocktail mixologists and wine aficionados. Texas Honey is full and rounded; yet ‘easy-drinking’, making it the ideal spring seasonal drink. Texas Honey is 5% alcohol by volume and is served in a 16oz can.

Austin Eastciders is also releasing Small Batch No.2, the second in a series of quarterly small batch releases showcasing rare, historic apple varieties and utilizing traditional and experimental cider making techniques. Small Batch No.2 is made with Arkansas Black, an old Southern apple variety renowned for its cider making properties. Small Batch No. 2 is the driest cider Eastciders’ have so far released. It has prominent citrus notes, it’s fresh and lemony with a long finish. It was aged for 12 months.

Only 350 cases of Small Batch No. 2 will be released, the product will be available at select stores in late February. Austin Eastciders are currently ageing their next small batch release, a bourbon barrel-aged cider utilizing Woodford Reserve bourbon barrels and French bittersweet apples. Small Batch No. 3 will be released in spring 2015. Small Batch is packaged in 16.9oz bottles.



About The Founder

Founder Ed Gibson is from Southwest England, a region where more cider is produced and consumed than anywhere else in the world. Gibson is a former musician and music promoter who worked for various festivals and music venues before founding The Apple, an award-winning cider bar in Bristol, England, which sells 40 different ciders and was named ‘Best Summer Pub’ by The Guardian. Gibson first came to Austin, Texas in 2010, and soon dreamt up the idea to start a craft cider company in East Austin – the heart of the city’s vibrant, creative community. After completing the relocation process, finding local investors and building his team, Gibson’s dream finally became a reality when Austin Eastciders launched in October 2013.  Gibson says his cider is best enjoyed with the simple pleasures in life: “Good food, good music and good company” – a statement that has quickly become the motto of company.


About Austin Eastciders

Austin Eastciders produces old-fashioned craft ciders in Austin, Texas using natural ingredients and heirloom and bittersweet cider apples to create authentic, traditionally-inspired examples of the ‘Original Drink of America’. Austin Eastciders’ long awaited urban cidery finally opened its doors in October 2014, receiving overwhelming interest in its launch event, attended by more than 2,000 people.

Austin Eastciders ferments, cans and bottles in small batches out of a charming space in the heart of East Austin. This small, local, independent company uses traditional processes and real cider apples to make deliciously smooth and complex ciders inspired by Old World and pre-Prohibition cider styles. Austin Eastciders currently has three main cider varieties, Eastciders Original, Gold Top and Texas Honey. Eastciders Original is dry, light and crisp. Gold Top is tannic, full flavored and funky.  Texas Honey is semi-sweet, mellow and aromatic. Eastciders also produces limited edition small batch releases with rare and historic American apple varieties. . Austin Eastciders cider pairs extremely well with BBQ and a wide variety of other foods, and is available to enjoy year round on draft, in cans and glass bottles for sale at

select locations throughout Texas. More information at:

A full list of locations where Austin Eastciders is currently available on draft can be found on the Austin Eastciders Facebook page. Cans and bottles are widely available in bars and restaurants, select HEB’s, Whole Foods and other fine groceries across Texas.


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