Armadillo Texas Whiskey Family celebrated their Grand Opening Saturday night and the launch of their Armadillo Texas White Whiskey.

Three years in the making, this little distillery kicked off with live music, food trucks (I was told roasting a whole pig onsite) and Armadillo Texas signature cocktails.

I got a sneak peek of the distillery that is located conveniently around the corner from my house. Driving up to it, it looks like a metal office building, but once inside it has been transformed into a cool distillery. The front end consists of a small lobby, a bar room, office and the tasting room. The back end is where the good stuff happens – copper stills, a storage area that will become the rack room, the fermentation room, bottling area and lots of room for expansion.

Owner Matthew Wells has a background in chemistry and has worked at local distilleries over the years. He decided he wanted to open his own distillery and started the process of creating his dream. “We are a Texas Craft Distillery that provides small batch top shelf whiskeys that exemplify the flavors and terroir of Central Texas. Located in Austin’s backyard we celebrate the flavors of our Lone Star State. Central Texas provides us unique ingredients, geography and climate that influence and shape the spirits we produce. We use only local water, naturally filtered through limestone formations of the Central Texas Hills. Then we add Corn, Rye, Wheat, and Barley which we smoke with local Pecan wood.” And let me tell you, that Pecan wood smells heavenly!

This small-batch, craft product is made lovingly by the owners, who also do all the marketing. They not only handcrafted the copper stills, but much of the furniture in the front end of the distillery. Be sure to check out their new sign – also all handmade.

The first offering from Armadillo Texas Whiskey is their Armadillo Texas White. Made of corn, barley, wheat and rye, this four-grain whiskey is pecan smoked with local pecan wood – literally from across the street. The result is a smooth flavor with a little sweetness and just a tad of a peppery, spicy flavor. Perfect for the fall.

Already they are thinking of the next product, Armadillo Texas Bourbon and expansion of the grounds. They’d like to buy the land the building is on and have pool parties at the house with music, food trucks and more.

Armadillo Texas Distillery is located at 1092 Hwy 21, Cedar Creek, Texas 78612.



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