Spiegelau Tasting Kit
If you are looking for a last-minute gift for the foodie-guy in your life, you have found the right idea! Spiegelau offers a toast-worthy glass set that he will love eternally. Whether you prefer champagne, wine, or craft beer, Spiegelau’s glassware range is the perfect beginning, or end, to a romantic evening for two.  As one of the world’s oldest glassmaking manufacturers, Spiegelau glassware perfectly marries together form and function. Made with Spiegelau’s proprietary Platinum Glass Finishing process,  all impurities and imperfections are removed during production in their Germany factory, enhancing the clarity, brilliance, and durability of each glass. Due to the high level of durability all Spiegelau glasses are dishwasher safe, and scratch-resistant.

Think about your guy. Does he sit on the couch, watch football and drink beer? How about a Craft Beer Tasting Kit by Spiegelau Glass. At $49.90 a kit, you two can swap out wine for some brew this February 14th. Included are a wheat, lager, tulip, and IPA glasses. The India Pale Ale glass is quite unique and perfect for handling. If you really want to share the love, buy him the appropriate beer for each glass, as well. He will be happy you did your research and can talk hops with him. And, for another tip, put these glasses in your freezer so you can offer him a frosted glass filled with his favorite suds.

Check out their website at for more information on the Beer Tasting Kit and many other exciting gifts for the beer drinker in your life.