Harold_3Chef Harold Marmulstein, from Austin’s own Salty Sow, has been selected to prepare a menu for the illustrious James Beard House in New York City on February 27th, 2014. During the event Chef Marmulstein’s menu will be served accompanied by wine and perfectly paired cocktails. In preparation for the momentous event the Chef has shared his daily routine to give those that enjoy his culinary craft a taste of behind the scenes activities.

At noon on a typical Tuesday, the service back door is buzzing as Chef Marmulstein is describing what his morning has been like. At the moment, he is receiving his daily delivery from a local farm of 30lbs of chicken necks, two whole pigs and a deer for venison sausage that he will hand-make himself. The hum of afternoon prep and deliveries in kitchen creates a sense of organized chaos, with Marmulstein leading the pack as the calming force in the storm. With a small kitchen staff, any absence is noticed, today a line cook is out sick and Marmulstein will be picking up the slack. He is interrupted by a phone call from Nantucket Bay telling him the expected delivery of sea scallops was delayed because of bad weather, so Marmulstein scratches scallops from his chalkboard for tonight’s menu and immediately shifts to his stove to start searing what will be slow-braised beef shoulder. It will take him two-days to make this dish, because Marmulstein believes that extra time and attention bring forth deeper flavor profiles—a lesson learned in his early years.

As Marmulstein pulls down sausages hanging in the meat locker he says, “My cooking style is heavily influenced by southern traditions, probably because I’ve spent so much time in the South. I work directly with local purveyors and support small independent farms by sourcing their seasonal foods as much as possible.” Showcased by his Daily Chef’s Specials, Marmulstein stays creative with his ever-changing menus and works with local purveyors to make each of his restaurants unique to their neighborhood. A passionate chef who relishes in coming to the kitchen every day, Marmulstein is constantly inspired to push his restaurants to the culinary limits. “Cooking at the James Beard House is an honor for me and something that I have always aspired to do,” says Marmulstein, as he prepares for his five-course dinner and wine pairing this February.

As chef continues planning for his James Beard House dinner, and dividing his time between his home in Phoenix, AZ and in Austin, TX, he keeps both restaurants running like well-oiled machines. No doubt that coordinating and sourcing locally in New York City in February will present some challenges, but that is nothing that Marmulstein is not prepared for. At Salty Sow, Marmulstein and his partners seek to create a neighborhood go-to for all occasions with a carefully crafted menu that incorporates southern influences with local flair. These themes are carried throughout Marmulstein’s menu at the James Beard House. Staying true to his roots, Marmulstein balances elevated dishes with farmhouse-style that makes for exquisitely executed meals that are approachable and fresh. Each course of the James Beard House menu is mindfully prepared to entertain and satisfy diners. From the Pastrami Salmon to the Baked Manor Road Cow’s Milk Ricotta and Bananas Foster Beignets,  Marmulstein’s creative hand is in each dish. Selections from the menu will be offered at both Salty Sow locations for neighborhood frequenters to enjoy.

Congratulations to Chef Marmulstein for the great honors and for your hard work to create phenomenal menus for us to enjoy in our great city, and now throughout the country!

James Beard House Menu:




OYSTER STUFFED BOUDIN FRITTER with chipotle remoulade

PASTRAMI SALMON with corn pancake

— Scarpetta Rose 3th Edition —

— Little Larry’s —

— Assorted Hand-Crafted Sips —

1st Course


frisée, Salty Sow bacon lardons, candied pork belly, 110 minute egg, roasted beets, pickled onions, radish, carrots, Texas goat cheese, sweet onion dressing

— Fall Creek Sauvignon Blanc, 2012 Texas Hill Country —

2nd Course


wrapped in prosciutto di Parma, Asiago polenta, shaved fennel salad

— Flowers Chardonnay, 2011 Sonoma Coast —

3rd Course


cold-smoked, with Falls Mill stone-ground white corn cheese grits, bacon-apple chutney, whole grain mustard jus

— Halter Ranch Cote de Paso, 2010 California —

4th Course


roasted butternut squash, green pumpkin seeds, Texas honey, balsamic syrup

— Mer Soleil Late Harvest Viognier, California —

5th Course


cane syrup, Texas honey, nutmeg ice cream

— Pedro Ximénez Sherry, Spain —

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