With the arrival of the fall season, Craftsman announces a 2-week haunted bar pop-up taking place Oct. 17 and running through Halloween.  The East Austin bar will completely transform into “The Boozery”, offering a haunted house experience with a themed cocktail menu and surprises every night.


For thrill seekers and Fright Night fans, Craftsman is (literally) bringing the Halloween spirit to life in Austin. For the first time, the East Austin bar will completely transform its bungalow house into a haunted house for two weeks beginning October 17 and running through Halloween.

Beyond the décor, the takeover offers a unique experience with a special “Boozery” themed cocktail menu with experiential drinks made with housemade elements and surprising garnishes. From a Grand Marnier foam featured in the “Billy Butcherson”, an ode to the Halloween cult favorite film Hocus Pocus to a fresh corn reduction in the “Nobody Likes Candy Corn” and drinks with haunted backstories like “The Bride in Room #525” which is an ode to the legend of the infamous brides who committed suicide at the Driskill Hotel on their wedding days in Room #525, guests can expect nightly scares and plenty of surprises throughout the takeover. Craftsman, which opened its doors in 2015, retains the essence of the original space highlighted by repurposed wood throughout, allowing the pop-up to easily capture the spirit and feel of a true haunted house.

A sampling of themed cocktails featured on the menu include:


Billy Butcherson

Jagermeister, Housemade Pumpkin Butter Syrup, Lemon, Orange, Housemade Grand Marnier Foam


Death on the Beach

Charcoal infused Malibu Rum, Capt Morgan Spiced Rum, Gossling Gold Strap Rum, Pineapple, Orange, Lime, Grenadine


The Bride in Room #525

Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, Dickel 8 Yr Whiskey, Lemon, Demarara syrup


Nobody Likes Candy Corn

Espolon Tequila, El Silencio Mezcal, Orange, Pineapple, Fresh Corn Reduction


Graveyard Smash

Grand Marnier, Mint, Lemon, Smoked Orange