For a healthy snack that seems more like a sinful indulgence, WOATS  Oatsnack will have you taste buds wanting more.  Not your typical granola, but a sweet modern day fusion of wholesome oats instead, WOATS provides premium ingredients, and mouth-watering flavors that are an easy on-the-go solution when hunger strikes.


WOATS is the perfect traveling companion for hikers, bikers, busy moms, and office goers in need of a quick pick-me-up throughout the day. Each bag is filled with delicious morsels of healthy oats and tantalizing ingredients that satisfy cravings without preservatives or excess fat.

Nuts About Berries pairs handfuls of Southern roasted praline pecans with tangy cranberries for a mix that will give travelers energy so they can

focus on their goals. Cookies ‘n’ Dreams is a sweet treat any child will adore, filled with golden oats and savory chunks of chocolate vanilla cream sandwich cookies. Peanut Butter Graham Slam is the perfect snack for game day, with crisp honey graham crackers and sweet butter toffee peanuts add protein to this healthy indulgence.


Founded in December 2003, Anderson Trail is a values-driven food company with the motto of “humble oats with ambition.” This not only stands for their creative flavor combinations, but also represents founder Justin Anderson’s desire to help other kids and young adults dream big. Anderson set his sights on entrepreneurship at the age of 16, founding his first successful venture into the food market with Anderson Trail Premium Soft Granola. Driven by his learning experiences and the adversity he faced with breaking into the industry at such a young age, Anderson has implemented his own motivational system for inspiring kids today to find and succeed at their passions.  WOATS is available in select stores, and can now be found in one of the new displays being featured in 47 Target locations across the nation.



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