Donut lovers, rejoice! Wheatsville Food Co-op is thrilled to announce that their bakery will exclusively produce and sell the vegan donuts made famous by shuttered Red Rabbit Cooperative Bakery. The donuts will be available for purchase at Wheatsville Food Co-op starting Saturday, October 10.

Red Rabbit was a worker-owned bakery that specialized in gourmet, vegan baked goods. After opening in May 2011, Red Rabbit’s vegan donuts quickly grew in popularity, developing a cult following of vegan and non-vegans alike for their innovative flavor combinations and playful presentation.

In August 2015, following the announcement that Red Rabbit would halt production and close its doors, the Austin community of donut lovers looked for someone to step in and save their favorite treat. Wheatsville Food Co-op, Red Rabbit’s best customer, answered the call and purchased all of the bakery’s equipment, leftover ingredients, and recipes. The co-op also hired former Red Rabbit donut makers to help get things up and running, and to ensure that the donuts become a new Austin favorite.

Wheatsville Donuts 2

The vegan donuts, now a Wheatsville Food Co-op brand treat, will be available in four varieties: glazed, chocolate iced, maple pecan and apple fritter, as well as in bit-sized donut holes.

This October, in conjunction with the launch of their new housemade donut program, Wheatsville Food Co-op will be offering a selection of Super Awesome One Day Deals. From October 10-18, the co-op will offer all shoppers great discounts on some of its most popular items, including Grandma’s Hummus, Chocolove Bars, Strange Land Brewery 6-packs and more!

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