Good beer meet good music. Good music meet good beer. Welcome to Untapped – the festival that showcases 334 quality beers with the impressive backdrop of emerging and, more importantly, good musicians. Beer lovers did you catch that number: 334. That’s a record number of beers for any Austin festival. There is something to pelase everyone and new discoveries awaiting at practivally every tent. Here is the substainial info so that you can go forth and explore.


Suds and Snacks


I’m by no means a beer expert, but I have a deep love for exploring the world of crawft beer one tasty head at a time. I am thrilled to see my favorite brewery, Odell, in the lineup offering their perfect 90 Shilling brew (the Tree Shaker and Odell IPAs aren’t too shabby either). Local skills are repped by much loved Austin breweries including: Hops & Grains; Austin Beerworks, Independence, (512), Adelbert’s, Austin Eastciders, Blue Owl (who offers killer sour brews), Last Stand, Live Oak, Jester King, Infamous, Circle, NXNW, Oasis, Thirsty Planet and Pinthouse Pizza. Most exciting are the plethora of brews to try from places further from home. I will certianly be hitting up the following tents:

austin untapped fest

  • Victory Brewing Company (Downintong, PA) for Vital IPA and Moonglow Weizen Bock;
  • Ommegang (Cooperstwon, NY) Belgian Strong Ale and Duvel Tripel;
  • Kentucky Ales (Lexington, KY) Bourbon Barrel Ale and Bourbon Barrel Stout;
  • Deschutes’ (Bend, OR) Black Butte XXVII BA Impreial Porter;
  • Brooklyn’s (Brooklyn, NY) Improved Old Fashion American Strong Ale (12.8%) and Sorachi Ace Saison; and,
  • The Bruery (Placentia, CA) for Poterie Scotch BA Old Ale (14.8%).


Full beers will be available on draft in the Karbach Love Street Lounge, Untapped Pub and in the VIP area. Canned beers will be available at any of the 3 canned stands. Draft or Canned beers both cost $6 each. Extra beer tickets are $7 and are good for 12 2-ounce samples (available at all Canned stands and inlcuded in Beer and VIP packages). See the full brewery offerings list here.


The flavor doesn’t stop at the liquid calories. Great local vendors will be there making sure you have goodness to soak up the beer. “There’s nothing that goes better with beer than sausages, it really was a no brainer,” says Ben Runkle of Salt & Time. And he is right. What better to pair with these liquid works of art than the burgers, sausages, grilled cheese and salami picnic baskets that Salt & Time is offering. Other food vendors that we are excited to see offering perfect pairings are: Waller Creek Pub House (offering mini open-faced Reubens); Antonelli’s Cheese Shop (offering delicious cheese varietals Der scahrfe Maxx and Toma Piemontese); and, Garbo’s.  

untapped fest 2



Diversity continues to reign supreme in Untapped’s musical programming; like their beer selections – there’s something for everyone.


Icelandic indie foursome, Kaleo, are my favorite set of the festival. These guys (who’ve adopted the live music capital of the world as home base) officially launched in 2013 and were in my top three shows of SXSW 2016 and ACL Fest 2015. Guitarist-vocalist JJ Juliusson blends gritty vocals with stunning falsettos harmonized by bluesy meets Jack White guitar riffs yielding a soulful country-rock layered dynamic. Fitting for a band whose name means “the sound” in Hawaiian. Expect a diverse set list spanning high energy rock to deep acoustics; most songs are in English, but don’t be surprised to hear the band’s first hit ‘Vor I Vaglaskogi,’ a 60’s remake released in Iceland. Check out the haunting, beautiful darkness “Way Down We Go” and try not to have an outer body experience. (And because they aren’t awesome enough – it’s shot in a volcano). Stage B; 6:05 – 6:50 p.m.


Words don’t convey the nostalgic love that I harbor for Deltron 3030. The underground hip-hop meets trance-esque trio is comprised of Delron Zero (aka Del Tha Funkee Homosapien), the Cantankerous Captain Aptos (aka producer Dan “The Automator” Nakamura), and turntablist Kid Koala. This release has been my designated wakeboarding music since it dropped in 2000 (yes, I’m old) and I was damn near in Heaven when Del brought his lyrical genius flows to Emo’s in 2014. The trio was also integral in Damon Albarn’s Gorillaz (2001) featuring Del’s vocals on cult favorite “Clint Eastwood” and “Rock the House.” Expect a show that moves you, maybe even to the future…Stage B; 8 – 8:50 p.m.


Australian indie rock brothers, Atlas Genius, are this year’s headliners. Launched in 2009 by Keith and Mike Jeffrey (singer-guitarist and drummer respectively), the band’s lasting hit, Trojans, was released in 2011. Since then, the band has seen their fan base [justifiably] grow and released a sophomore record, Inanimate Objects, in 2015. These guys are consistently in my top picks for dance party shows. Just try not to slosh your crafty suds everywhere with the happy wiggles that “If So” invokes. Stage A; 9 – 10 p.m.


JR JR brings an electro pop sound with a side of folk. Deep melodies are jazzed up by lively synth beats. JR JR, formerly named Dale Earnhardt Jr Jr, offers meaningful lyrics, smooth vocals packaged with an energized beat and electronic dynamics. “Simple Girl” from their first album, It’s a Corporate World, gives a Beatles vibe. “Gone” “If You Didn’t See Me [Then You Weren’t On The Dancefloor] will guarantee movin’ and shakin’. Stage A; 7 – 7:50 p.m.

untapped 3

Lady Lamb the Beekeeper, aka Aly Spaltro, wrote 2013’s Ripley Pine largely as a teenager and her visceral sophomore album, After, is advanced in emotion but whimsical in approach. The dissonant tracks sound almost accidental, oscillating between detachment and powerful engagement seamlessly. Spaltro laces enchanting vocals with folkish tropes, fluid tempos and an unexpected infusion of rowdy power rock. Folk comes through in “Aubergine” while “Crane Your Neck” offers paradoxical melodies with sudden dance break outs. Expect to be confused in the best possible way. Stage A; 5:15 – 5:55 p.m.


Sounds Del Mar and Hard Proof are the Austin representatives among the group. The former, a quartet with the recent album – Miami Vice – and a packed touring schedule under their belt, is known for their ‘sonic chemistry and live shows that are renown for wild success and reckless abandon.’ I’m a big fan off everything that happens in “Bad News.” (Stage B, 3:15 – 3:45 p.m.)


The latter is a legendary Austin nine-piece Afrobeat band bringing funk jazz melodies with psychedelic infusions to their beats. Incidentally, I [vaguely] remember dancing my heels (literally) and butt off (figuratively) at MoMo’s circa 2010 (maybe?). Anyone out there remember MoMo’s? (*Sighs…pours one out). Stage A; 3:50 – 4:20 p.m.


Coast Modern is an electro-pop duo who fuses hip-hop, rock and psych elements into their sound. I actually haven’t heard much from these West Coast cats, but I dig the grungy beach vibe that “Animals” brings. Stage B; 4:25 – 5:05 p.m.


For your listening pleasure, Spotify subscribers can follow this link to a festival playlist curated by yours truly.


All shots by Rhombi Survivor Photo Safaris

All shots by Rhombi Survivor Photo Safaris

Getting There


It’s a good thing we have 334 brews to numb the pain caused by Ubergeddon. It’s old news that Uber and Lyft have suspended operations inside city limits over the incredibly poor public policy known as Proposition 1 (and failure of the equally poor and harassing Ridesharing campaign to defeat it). While it make take a horse trough to sufficiently numb the pain, we obviously have to drink responsibly (i.e. do not drive). Untapped recommends carpooling with designated drivers or using GetMe and/or Curb apps. Carson Creek is located outside of Austin’s city limits and, therefore, will be serviced by Uber and Lyft for pick up at the festival.


What Else?


All the festival basics apply.

Eat food for God’s sake.

Stay hydrated – water is essential to keeping you from becoming a drunk person we hate.

Sunscreen. All the sunscreen.

It’s Texas. It’s 90 degrees and likely humid AF. Dress appropriately.

Bring or buy a koozie. No one likes warm beer.

Tip your servers, they are working hard while you dance.

If you still need tickets, head here:


Cheers kids, see you out there!

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