Treaty Oak Brewing & Distilling has opened a new craft brewery at Treaty Oak Ranch in Dripping Springs, Texas. The addition of a brewery to the award winning distillery, makes it a unique beverage company producing a wide variety of high quality products. The 30-barrel brew system is slated to brew 2,000 barrels, or the equivalent of 27,500 cases of beer a year. Former Treaty Oak head distiller, Chris Lamb, has assumed the role of brew master.


The brewery is an excellent fit for the company as it marries Treaty Oak’s award winning spirits with its long-time passion for home brewing. In addition, the fermentation process essential to making beer, is also a primary component in the production of the company’s core spirits such as rum and whiskey. Because of this, brewing has been an integral part of Treaty Oak Distilling’s operations for 10 years.


“We’re stoked to introduce a new line of beer, brewed fresh at the Treaty Oak Ranch,” says brew master Chris Lamb. “Our beers reflect the same commitment to quality ingredients and precise production methods as we have with our distilled spirits to create the best possible products.”


America’s thirst for craft beer has grown significantly in recent years. The Brewers Association says that in 2015 U.S. craft brewers saw a 13 percent increase in the amount of beer made, and there are now more breweries than ever before. Texas alone had 65 new licensed brewpubs and breweries in 2015. Treaty Oak Brewing enters the market where consumers increasingly demand locally made craft beer.



Three Year-Round Brews

Treaty Oak Brewing is introducing three new beers with the opening of its brew house: Fitzhugh Ale, a British mild ale, Lil’ Hop, a session IPA, and Bright Side, a blonde ale.  The guiding principle for each of its beers is to create low alcohol session beers that achieve a balance between the malts and hops, the sweetness and bitterness.


Fitzhugh Ale, British Mild: (3.5% ABV) As easy going as an afternoon at our ranch on Fitzhugh Road, the Fitzhugh Ale is a laidback sipper. It’s made with a balance of 2-row, Carmel Wheat and toasted malts with just enough Mandarina Bavaria and East Kent Goldings hops to let the malt flavors shine through. The toasted bread, chocolate, coffee, orange, honey and lavender flavors pair well with a selection of charcuterie and cheese.


Lil’ Hop, Session IPA: (5% ABV) Brewed with a loving blend of Horizon, Mandarina, Bavarian, and Cascade hops, Lil’ Hop IPA, is anything but little. It packs in a healthy helping of hoppy floral spice, sweet sun-kissed orange, orange zest and grapefruit flavors balanced with malty flavors of toasted bread. Its lower alcohol content and complexity on the palate make it a perfect accompaniment to a juicy angus beef hamburger.


Bright Side, Blonde Ale: (4.5% ABV) The name says it all. Bright Side is a light, clean Blonde Ale that is as lively as a sunny Texas Hill Country afternoon. Cascade hops give it an unpretentious backbone, fleshed out with 2-row, Vienna and honey malts to give it pleasing honey suckle, citrus and toasted bread flavors. It’s great with artisanal sausage.


Info via Matt McGinnis @ Penn & Tell Us


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