The Townsend (718 Congress Avenue) is proud to host guest bartender Adam Bryan on July 19 through July 23 as part of their guest bartender residency program. Bryan will create a special three-drink menu, which will be available in addition to The Townsend’s nightly drink offerings from 7 p.m. to 11 p.m. during his residency at the downtown bar. Bryan is the first of many to-be-announced guests to stand behind the bar at The Townsend. The residency program idea was developed by Steven Weisburd, principal partner at The Townsend, as a way to engage the cocktail community and to give patrons the opportunity to experience creative mixology. Partner and general food-and-beverage wrangler Justin Elliott curates the program. Bryan’s cocktail menu for his stay includes the Rosella Reyes (Ancho Reyes, Flor de Jamaica,  Toronja, Grenadina, Agua Mineral), the Velpar (Treaty Oak Rum, Lemon, St Germain, St. George Absinthe), and the Pedro y Lola (Tequila Ocho Reposado, Pedro Ximenez Sherry, Muddled Orange, and Canela). The three drinks are priced at $12.


Bryan has consulted on a number of cocktail menus for area restaurants. He is most known for launching the cocktail program at Eastside Showroom, working at Midnight Cowboy, and he was previously the bar manager at Bar Congress. Bryan’s time in Austin and residency at The Townsend will be brief he plans to head back to his native Pacific Northwest following his dates at The Townsend. This is an opportunity for fans of Bryan’s libation creations to experience a menu crafted by him once more before he departs.


“Adam has always been someone I’ve looked up to immensely in the Austin scene, and when he left the area to tend bar at a Mexican beach resort nearly a year ago, Austin lost both one of its most delightful rabble-rousers as well as one of its finest cocktological minds. I’m honored to have him come in and do a guest spot working for me, and I look forward to seeing what kind of drinks he turns out,” said Elliott.

Velpar - Townsend

On the inaugural night of Bryan’s residency, The Townsend will also host their weekly Sunday night event, The Bobby Heugel Memorial Break-Even Bottle Night. Every Sunday, all day and night, The Townsend staff will be pouring 1-once-pours at cost of a select bottle of upscale alcohol. The program is meant to allow people to taste expensive, rare spirits without the usual markup at a bar or the financial commitment that comes with buying a bottle retail price.  The first Bobby Heugel Memorial Break-Even Bottle Night on July 19 will have the staff pouring Del Maguey Iberico Mezcal for patrons available at $5.55 a pour. Bobby Heugel is the still-very-much-alive operator of Houston’s acclaimed cocktail bar Anvil, who were early proponents of Break Even Bottle Nights.


All guest bartenders in The Townsend residency program and regular staff participate in the bar’s royalty program. The royalty program, also developed by Weisburd, gives bartenders who craft new recipes a 1% royalty fee each time their drink is ordered from the menu in addition to tips.


For information on The Townsend’s guest bartender program, visit the bar’s Facebook page for updates:


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