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We love it and can’t get enough, even when it starts to get colder! We love staying up all night, walking around and seeing what we can get in to. We also know there’s more to show our friends from out of town here in Austin than just 6th street and Rainy, but we may not know the opinions from the people that are in the business of fun or where a late night impromptu dance party will spring up. That’s what The Feedbak brings Austinites.

Giving Austin FeedBak

Started by Bak Zoumanigui in 2010 as a blog, FeedBak gives readers fresh perspectives from performers, party-goers, Dj’s, bartenders, and artists, amoung others. It’s a place to answer tough questions like, “Can you squeeze wisdom from a drunk person?” or debate about the best new places on the East Side and West Side. Bak even started throwing parties and wine tastings for locals and entertainers alike to create a chance to meet the people behind the scenes, mingle, and talk about the best of Austin.

“I really want people to get out of their comfort zone in Austin. They’re stuck at their usual hangouts and there is so much more Austin has to offer below the surface!”

2013 brought about the FeedBak podcast and a beautiful co-host Jamie Baptiste, together they start unique conversations about the service industry and they introduce listeners to new and exciting venues, clubs and artists, upcoming shows, and they offer a rare glimpse into the lives of the people that make us all smile.

“As rich as the Austin experience is, there was a dialogue that I felt was missing. I wanted to offer new viewpoints from the people who give up their weekends so everyone else has a memorable one, and nobody seemed to be doing that.”

Photo: Maurice Shawn

Photo: Maurice Shaw



Bringing the Beat Bak

The latest party Bak and Jamie are throwing is a wine brunch, this Sunday September 27, at Empire Control Room & Garage to wrap up Pecan Street Festival. Along with the live recording of their podcast and performances by DJ’s Kay Cali, Panda Vinci & QD, there will be an assortment of French and Italian wine to sample, low cost bites provided by The Side Car and amazing giveaways courtesy of SLAB BBQ, Rejected Hearts Club and more!

If that’s still not enough for you, there will be a flash mob and you can learn the dance if you click the video above!

“You really have to be on your game with the flash mob, you gotta practice, because you never know when we are gonna bust out the moves! People get really into it, it’s great!”

Nuff said! Buy your tickets at and skip the line!





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