Tekeen2Offering a smooth subtly sweet flavor, TEKEEN Premium Cocktails  are a great companion to a Friday night party or a classy dinner at home with a loved one. Today, a person’s drink of choice speaks to their class and character. Having a need for an upscale premixed beverage on the market, the Alvarez siblings craft wine elixir is worth boasting and imbibing during any night out. The pre-mixed beverage comes in three flavors: Cucumber Lime, Passion Fruit Lime, and Grapefruit.

The great thing about these Texas-mixed beverages is that they just require a glass of ice, and they are ready to impress your taste buds! The Cucumber Lime offers a slight margarita quality without overpowering flavors of a mix. Made with orange wine, agave nectar and natural flavoring, the taste is similar to that of tequila infused cocktail, with the easiness of a fine wine.

A great way to serve would is to mix with a delicious fresh juice to add to the brilliant flavor of the TEKEEN, or purely serve it on the rocks.

TEKEEN is available in many local liquor stores, and you can find the closest to you at http://tekeen.com/


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