Local Austinites have teamed up to bring the launch of a crowdfunding campaign for Sumptuary, a space for aspiring and existing culinary industry entrepreneurs to test out brand new restaurant concepts.  Sumptuary will be rentable restaurant space meant for professional, up-and-coming and amateur chefs alike to try out new ideas, expand on current operations, or entertain family and friends in a way never imagined.  It will also be available for public events and charitable organizations to utilize.

Austinites can contribute to the launch of Sumptuary by becoming a Sumptuary Supporter, which allows premiere and exclusive access to private dinners, tastings, chef meet and greets and more. Benefits include $1250 worth of exclusive dinners (from local Austin chefs, like Jack Gilmore, Bryce Gilmore, Harold Marmulstein and Dr. Foo Swasdee), a $250 gift card for educational cooking lessons, wine tastings, brunches and complimentary coffee from Sumptuary for two years. Sumptuary Supporter memberships are limited to 500 people, and can be purchased via: http://www.sumptuaryaustin.com.

The vision of Sumptuary comes from its five founding partners: T. Marshall Jones and Dr. Foo Swasdee, along with Michael Shefman, Gary McIntosh and Harry Pope.


More than just a rentable kitchen, Sumptuary will have a true teaching and learning kitchen where instructors and cooks alike can create, teach, educate and play with all Austin’s food lovers.  It will provide chefs, cooks, restaurants and entrepreneurs the opportunity to test the sustainability of their culinary concepts without a substantial capital investment for start-up costs and ongoing high fixed rental rates. By hosting new and different chefs and cooks nightly, Sumptuary caters to food enthusiasts across the entire spectrum of dining, such as fine dining chefs hosting tasting menus, local chefs testing new concepts, food truck owners looking to expand their clientele and reach, and cooking competitions.

Sumptuary will be open to charitable organizations looking to host classes and events. Some examples include partnering with Autism Society of Texas to help teach and train high school age children how to work in a restaurant, hosting classes for returning veterans who have likely not cooked for themselves in several years, and teaching recently housed homeless persons how to shop for and make meals.

Sumptuary will provide an affordable testing ground for new restaurant concepts and aspiring culinary industry entrepreneurs, located at 3202 Anderson Lane #205, Austin, TX 78705. For more information, including how to become a Sumptuary Supporter, visit http://www.sumptuaryaustin.com. Follow on social media at @sumptuaryaustin.

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