Spartan Pizza
Husband and wife team, Jeremy and Nicole Portwood, started the business 5 years ago and have since grown to become a favorite not only in the burgeoning trailer food culture in Austin but also in the competitive pizza category overall. The new location continues to serve outstanding pizza, sandwiches, bread sticks and beer! There's not much space for dining but cozy interior adds to it's Eastside charm. If you're a fan of take out, you're in the right spot!
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Do you know anyone that suffers from “Commercial Pizzatitus”?  It’s the condition that causes people to order from big national pizza chains. Fortunately, there’s a cure for this condition right here in our lovely city.

The old days of ordering from Dominoes and Papa John’s is officially over.  If you haven’t noticed, Austin has suddenly become a beacon for the number of amazing local pizza joints across the city.

Spartan Pizza, a locally owned takeout and delivery pizza restaurant was previously operated out of a 1955 Spartan Imperial Mansion trailer in East Austin, but now has opened it’s first brick and mortar location.   The brand new 1,000 square foot brick and mortar space on East 6th Street, is primarily focused on take out and delivery, as well as a few bar seats for inside dining.  The new location features an expanded themed menu recognizing Greek mythology serving sandwiches, salads, appetizers, beer, wine, and of course the house made pizza!

What to Eat

The unique Greek-themed pies mixed with the hip charm of East 6th Street make Spartan a great choice for any raging pizza addict.  Spartan’s dough is made fresh each day and requires an overnight refrigerated rise to fully develop its signature flavor and texture.  The unique dough-making process and cooking method make for a product that showcases exciting ingredient combinations that have made them a perennial favorite among pizza eaters in Austin.

“Spartans! Ready your breakfast and eat hearty… For tonight, we dine in hell!”  – King Leonidas, 300 The Movie 

The Helen

Garlic olive oil, fresh roma tomato, sundried tomato, fresh basil, fresh mozzarella.

pizza 1



The Agamemnon

Cilantro pesto, chicken tossed w/ salt lick bbq sauce, red onion, jalapenos


Pizza 3


Breadsticks and house made sauces

bread sticks





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