Smokin’ Beauty, a Vietnamese-inspired Texas barbecue restaurant and bar in North Austin, is taking shots to a whole new level by adding something special, BOBA! Guests can now enjoy reverse happy hour with a chewy twist.


Smokin’ Beauty’s Boba Shots are $2 off during happy hour and come in four fantastic flavors:

  • Banded Boba
  • Green Tea Boba
  • Gummy Boba Bears
  • Buttery Boba Nipple

Reverse happy hour is on Friday’s and Saturday’s from 9 p.m. to midnight and also includes:

  • $3 beers
  • $5 cocktails
  • $3 Pork Belly Sliders, $5 for two [ends at 11 p.m.]
  • $2 fries [ends at 11 p.m.]

To ensure the safety of guests, Smokin’ Beauty has two outdoor patio seating areas with eight tables spaced throughout.

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