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There are plenty of places to get a great cup of coffee in Austin, but do you struggle to get that same taste at home? Maybe your coffee just tastes somewhat acidic, flavorless or just a bit off. Brewing the best coffee is a tough skill to master, but with an average of 3.1 cups a day, it is something coffee drinkers need to get right. It will require trial and error, but here are a few tricks to help you create a satisfying coffee every time.


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Buy the Expensive Beans

The flavor is all in the beans. A cheap supermarket brand will never hit the right spot. Ironically, if you are buying cheap coffee beans you will find yourself finishing more quickly as you try to satisfy your cravings. It is far better to spend twice as much and consume half as many cups.

In order to acquire the freshest beans, make sure to check the roast date. The longer it’s been since they’ve been roasted the more flavor will have escaped. Do get beans and not powder. Once they are ground up, flavor will begin to escape, so it’s better to grind them right before you drink. If you do get powder, make sure it is an opaque, vacuum sealed back to prevent exposure to oxygen or light.

Use Clean Water

Austin has some of the highest quality tap water in the world, so this shouldn’t be too much of a problem. However, if you have pipes infested with pests, they could be contaminating your water, ruining the taste. Check your water tastes crisp and clean. If not, try using a water filter or using bottled spring water.

Learn the Correct Brewing Method

You can make great coffee without a coffee maker, but you need to learn how to pour correctly. Make sure the freshly ground coffee is even in the filter by leveling it out. Next pour the water slowly, starting at the edges and spiraling your way to the center. This allows for an even covering and helps the flavors to slowly drip through into your cup. Pour for about 15 seconds, then let it sit for another 30. You should do this about four times. With each new cup, adjust your speed and movement to get a feel for what works best.

Using the best beans and cleanest water will ensure your ingredients are able to provide the perfect taste. After that, it is up to you to get the most flavor out of your beans. Pour carefully and slowly from above and use trial and error to arrive at perfection.


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