With Super Bowl parties kicking off the end of football season, step-by-step cooking app SideChef, has you covered with crowd-pleasing finger foods and easy appetizers that will have you screaming “Touchdown!” from the kitchen.

SideChef features the following 10 easy-to-make recipes from popular bloggers and chefs, that made them the iTunes Stores’ Top 10 apps in the Food & Drinks category for the iPad and iPhone, featured on the Google Play Store and named in USA Today’s top apps of 2014.



1. Grand Slam Stuffed Burger by Curry and Comfort

2. Bison Burger with Drunken Onions by Vodka and Biscuits

3. Bacon Wrapped Mushroom Cheesburger with Guacomole by GI365


Chicken Wings

4. Easy Baked Chicken Wings by Olga Klyuchtis

5. Mango Chipotle Wings by Just Jan’s Jam

6. Paleo Lickin’ Wings by Zach



7. Three Cheese Pizza by Kristi Horvath

8. Mini Pizza Tartlets by Shinee


Dips for Chips

9. Baked Buffalo Shrimp Dip by Lindsay Howerton-Hastings

10. Crackled Corn Dip by Amy Erickson


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