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Join us for an evening of amazingly creative cuisine and fun with this very special dinner which will combine and fuse some of the great dishes of Russia with flavors and cuisine of New Orleans. Chef Vladimir Gribkov of Russian House restaurant will team up with Chef Henri Alciatore from the famous Antoine’s Restaurant family of New Orleans to bring you this most original dining experience. The menu for this dinner will both challenge and tantalize your palette with dishes featuring either a classing Russian dish paired with a New Orleans version or a Russian – NOLA fusion dish. Each dish will be paired either with wine or with one of Russian House’s signature infused vodkas.


RUSSIAN-NOLA ZAKUSKA AMUSE-BOUCHE   House Made Pickled Cabbage with Homemade New Orleans Style French Bread

FIRST APPETIZER  Stuffed Eggs Appetizer, Russian vs NOLA  On the same plate, both the classic Russian House hard-boiled egg half filled red caviar and a NOLA inspired analog of hard-boiled egg half filled with Shrimp Remoulade from the famous Antoine’s Restaurant of New Orleans.

SECOND APPETIZER  Pickled Herring and Potatoes, Russian vs NOLA  On the same plate, both the classic Russian House pickled herring & fried potatoes and a NOLA inspired analog of pickled okra & fried oysters kicked up with a Creole mustard and Russian horseradish sauce.

SALAD COURSE   Russian-NOLA Vinaigrette  The legendary Russian beet salad made into a NOLA infused dish with spiced pecans and a Creole mustard vinaigrette dressing with a touch of Russian honey.

MAIN COURSE  Russian Pelmeni Filled with Crawfish Etouffee  Traditional handmade Russian House dumplings made into a NOLA infused dish by filling them with traditional Louisiana style craw-fish etouffee, and served with craw fish sauce, sour cream and Tabasco sauce.

DESSERT  Yuliya’s Korkunov Chocolate Mousse.  Classic French mousse made with the finest Russian dark Korkunov chocolate from Moscow and served with fresh berries and sweetened whipped cream.

 $55 Reservation Required | 6 Course Dinner

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