Ramen Tatsu-Ya is bringing back their Spicy Chilled Ramen special available now through summer at all Ramen Tatsu-Ya shops.  The perfectly spicy and refreshing brothless ramen is made with citrus soy dressing, ajitama, cucumber, tomatoes, pirikara ground pork, karashi mustard and chili oil, making it perfect for the harsh temperatures of the Summer.


“We designed our Spicy Chilled Ramen to be a playful update on Hiyashi Chukka, a classic Sino-Japanese cold noodle dish.  We cook our custom noodles past their usual cook time for hot ramen. This adjustment compensates for the gluten tightening up as they are plunged into ice water. The noodles are dressed with a traditional soy and vinegar-based Hiyashi tare that we’ve revamped with a yuzu kosho citrus kick. Our pirikara (means “spicy” in Japanese) pork is flavored with toban djan, an acidic and complex fermented chili paste. We plate karashi mustard on the side so our guests can control the amount of wasabi-like punch they mix into their icy noodles. We packed the Spicy Chilled Ramen with toppings to maximize brightness and add a fresh crunch: English cucumbers, local tomatoes, and scallions, all served on a bed of iceberg lettuce. Our signature ajitama marinated egg and a dash of house chili oil complete this ice-cold, refreshing Summer ramen.  Mix it all together and slurp on!”  – Ramen Tatsu-Ya Kitchen Staff


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