Pitchfork Pretty will offer their new “Banchan & Barbecue” service, starting next Monday, June 11. The East Cesar Chavez restaurant helmed by Executive Chef, Max Snyder, will offer a Korean’ish-style prefix menu every Monday night, from 5-10 p.m.


The prefix, which is priced at $29/person includes a choice of one meat and endless banchan (small side dishes). Snyder’s menu is a take on Korean-style BBQ inspired by the restaurant’s “Straight-Up Hill Country Cuisine” and locale, and dishes make use of produce grown in Pitchfork Pretty’s Garden, located just a few blocks from the restaurant, in owner Seth Baas’ backyard.

The menu will change based on availability of seasonal ingredients, but example meats include:

Pork Shoulder with Apple Kimchi and Trout Roe

Beef Rib with Black Bean

Griddled Beef Tongue with Chili Jus

Shrimp & Squid with Preserved Lemon and Lime Leaf

*Additional meats can be added for $16

*A Tofu Stew with Eggplant, Grilled Mushroom and Egg is offered for vegetarians

Example banchan offerings include:

Rolled Omelette with Sambal

Glass Noodle with Basil and Sweet Potato

Soy Braised Potato

Cucumber, Green Chile and Seaweed

Pitchfork pretty


The prefix menu also includes purple rice and “Leafy Leaves” from the Pitchfork Pretty Garden, for proper ssam-style wrapping of the meat.

Pitchfork Pretty will now be open for dinner service on Monday nights, and will only offer the “Banchan & Barbecue” menu. Reservations can be made via the Pitchfork Pretty website and OpenTable.


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