The Oscars are finally here and if you’re fretting about what to write on those Oscar ballot cards, your best bet is to straight ticket La La Land, it’s sure to win most categories. If you’re like me, you’ll be yelling at the screen this Sunday because the person who really deserves the Oscar won’t be winning. It’ll be the person who should have won last year that gets it this year. The Academy likes to play with emotions and it won’t be any different this Sunday.   

Speaking of emotions, how long is the Memoriam portion of the Oscars going to last this year? I might have to tune out to keep from sobbing (again) over the copious amounts of celebrity deaths last year. It’s going to be a tearjerker, to be sure, so have those hankies ready. 2016 was filled with a long list of  untimely deaths which included many film icons, meaning viewers should probably expect a monumental In Memoriam segment on Sunday.

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And the winners are…

Will this be the year that the Academy finally gives an Oscar to a black female for portraying someone positive?! I don’t want to downplay the previous Oscar winners (you know I have nothing but love for you Halle!), but the characters that won in previous years are stereotypes perpetuated.

We have three contenders this year nominated for playing strong, smart and ballsy women, it’ll be great to see one of them win for it! But who am I kidding? It’s going to Emma Stone for La La Land, because the Academy loved her in Birdman and this is their chance to correct the error of snubbing her last time. It’s what they do. I’m still raw about Jennifer Lawerence winning over Quvenzhané Wallis, but that’s my tough cookie to swallow.

The nominees for best song are great this year, but I’m going to save you time and tell you right now the winner will be Lin-Manuel Miranda. Not only does everyone love this guy, How Far I’ll Go, from Moana is a great song and he’s sure to EGOT. He’s got the E, the G and the T, it’s pretty safe to say that he’ll get the O. The O’s love this sort of thing.

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So roll out the red carpet and have that hanky ready, the Oscars this year are sure to be less disappointing than the previous. Right?! I want to believe…

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