foodstylebytaylorIf you haven’t heard of Rianna Alberty, prepare yourself to be amazed as she brings her A-game to her blog and photographic contribution to Stack’d:The Gluten Free Protein Pancake Cookbook! Once working for a handbag company downtown, Rianna decided to trade in her Austin fashion career to be a mom to her gorgeous daughter Giada.

Like most stay-at-home moms, Rianna was itching for something to do with her free time. She had organized as much as she could and needed a new project, and then arose a food blog about her cooking adventures. Her blog serves as an outlet for the creativity and food passion that she has, and brought her to create her own recipes that accentuated her cleaner way of eating. Prepare to salivate as you enter her blog It is a compilation of her “clean” recipes that she created herself!

Alberty described her process of creating recipes as taking an idea for a recipe and removing  the unhealthy and impure ingredients while substituting them with delicious and cleaner ingredients including rolled oats, sun butter, coconut and almond flour. You would hardly believe all of the items she cooks were lacking ingredients that you would consider “key” to basic cooking. Here her blog enters with her delicious recipes (complete with precious pictures and stories) to help someone understand the “clean” ingredients from places like Whole Foods and Sprouts instead of settling for the cheaper, more processed relatives.

After working on her blog for a while, Rianna became even more ambitious teaming up with Jessica Khan and to create a unique and appetizing cookbook for those who long for a more clean way to enjoy a breakfast favorite, Pancakes! Her photographs will cause instant hunger brought on by her food styling and superb photography. You would be surprised to know that she even took some of the pictures with her iPhone! Can you spot which ones?

After meeting with Rianna I was instantly aware of not only how genuinely she loves food and cooking, but that she is extremely ambitious while still being able to maintain being a mom, being healthy, and being happy! She has many aspirations for the future including the incorporation of a health and fitness section to her site as well as future culinary publications.



For Rianna’s recipes and more information about her ventures visit her website

For more information and to purchase Jessica and Rianna’s beautiful Stack’d e-Book visit the books official site

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  1. Melanie Muenchinger

    All the original creations I have tried of Rianna’s (yes, made by Rianna herself) have been so tasty and creative. (Dark chocolate almond butter cups for one) She has always been a beautiful woman, but completely transformed herself after putting so much passion and thought into better food for herself and others. She really has a gift and it is a blessing that she can share it to educate and enrich the lives of so many.