The foodie revolution has taken the world by storm, one plate at a time. In our digital age, sharing delicious meals on various social media platforms has become a ritual to many. But since a single photo never truly captures a culinary adventure, Momentage offers food lovers tasteful features that allow them and their followers to virtually experience every bite of a delectable meal with photos, video and SoundImages.

The groundbreaking photo- and video-sharing app exceeds what other traditional apps have done by allowing its users to post up to 15 photos at a time and continually add to a collection. Momentage provides users a chance to vividly and artistically express their gastronomic encounter through a series of pictures, videos and SoundImages™ in a collage of moments.

Momentage not only lets users share these moments with followers in real-time, but as time goes on, they can edit, add to and rearrange the collaboration to truly maximize creativity and unique style. Foodies can now better showcase their true inspiration and visions to better describe the story of their vibrant food moments.

Momentage offers its users the ability to fully capture live moments with 30 seconds of video  as well as 30 seconds of audio that can be recorded over an image to create a SoundImageTM. Making it perfect for chefs and food bloggers who want to videotape their cooking and share the necessary steps with followers. The innovative app has also added a bonus feature, which enables users to share any foodie venture on Facebook, Twitter and email whenever they’re on the fly.


Courtesy of: PMBC Group, 345 N. Maple Dr., Ste. 105, Beverly Hills, CA 90210 United States

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