Mashed examines the popularity of Netflix’s Ugly Delicious and says you’re going to wish that you started watching the show sooner, if you haven’t already.  If you’re a foodie that  you’re going to wish you started watching Ugly Delicious sooner.  Here’s why.


Part cooking show, part travel show, the show tours the world in search of extraordinary culinary experiences lead by chef David Chang, head of the Momofuku restaurant group based in California.  Ugly and Delicious are two words wouldn’t normally go together, but beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  The phrase originally became popular as a hashtag via chef David Chang’s Instagram account, focused on food that wasn’t necessarily beautiful, but as it turned out, was absolutely delicious.


For Chang, good food is good food, no matter where it comes from.  It doesn’t have to be authentic to pass a particular litmus test.  On Ugly Delicious, Chang, who’s Korean-American, challenges cultural appropriation and the idea that it’s wrong for someone outside a particular ethnic group to prepare that culture’s food.  The show help Chang gain an appreciation of cuisine from other cultures as well as not be so critical of non-Koreans who make their own kimchi.


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