Dust off your most fashionable boots and turtle necks for one of the biggest food festivals of the year.  The 25th annual La Dolce Vita Festival is here in what looks to be a pleasant evening with promising cool fall temperatures expected in the forecast.

If you’re like us, cold temps might make you hungry and with over 30 of Austin’s most prestigious restaurants making the line-up at this year’s festival you will walk away a few pounds heavier and happier.  It almost feels like the week before Christmas, because we can’t wait to see what the amazing chefs have in store for us.  Our appetites can’t seem to wait until then, so we caught up with a few of our favorites chefs to find out what we can expect to enjoy on the big evening!

Who: One of the year’s new addition to the line-up and Austin favorite, Noble Sandwich Co. joins the festival.  Quite honestly, isn’t their inclusion reason enough for anyone to purchase a ticket?

What’s being served: Beef Cheek Kielbasa with white onions, sauerkraut and whole grain mustard.  Sometimes simple is best!

Why you’ll love it: It’s no secret Brandon Martinez and John Bates produce the absolute best sandwiches in Austin. While servings will only be the size of small bites, the Beef Cheek Kielbasa is simple and perfect for the fall season. What’s better than a Beef Cheek Kielbasa in the fall? Almost nothing! Well maybe the Noble Pig with a fried egg or the Knuckle Sandwich with gravy, but other than that, nothing is better!  This Thursday, we’ll have to settle for the next best thing with the Kielbasa!

knuckle sandwhich

The Knuckle Sandwich | Photo: Hayden Walker

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