Home Slice Pizza, the independent neighborhood joint serving authentic New York-style slices and pies, will host the 10th annual Carnival O’ Pizza on Saturday, November 14 from noon to 7 p.m. at the iconic South Congress location.


A celebration of Home Slice’s love for all things pizza, this year’s carnival will be bigger than ever before with over-the-top pizza-themed activities and exciting prizes to mark the 10th anniversary of the event and restaurant opening including a raffle for one lucky winner to receive the grand prize of 10 years of free pizza from Home Slice. Raffle tickets can be purchased at More Home Slice or Home Slice for $5 until the day of the carnival, when they can be purchased for $10 at the carnival.


Join in on the fun with carnival-inspired games, dancing, a photo booth, and raffles. For the fifth consecutive year, all proceeds from the event will benefit Austin Bat Cave, an organization that gives children the opportunity to develop and explore their creative writing. The event is free and open to all ages.



1415 South Congress Avenue

Austin, Texas 78745

 Saturday, November 14

Noon –7 p.m.



12:00 Gates Open

12:00 Performance by emo puppet band Fragile Rock

12:20 Raffle Drawing #1

12:50 Raffle Drawing #2

1:00 Big Don

1:20 Raffle Drawing #3

1:40 Parade of H.O.E.S 

1:50 Raffle Drawing #4

2:00 Hands on an Eggplant Sub (H.O.E.S) starts

Contestants place a hand on a Home Slice eggplant sub and hold it there as long as they can, and the last one standing wins. The longest time to date is 64 hours!

2:00 Pizza dough size competition 

Contestants compete for the largest dough. Authentic pizzaiolis with a true passion for the art of hand-tossed dough are brought in to judge and keep competition fair.

2:30 Raffle Drawing #5

2:50 Minor Mishap Marching Band

3:10 Pizza dough speed competition

3:50 Minor Mishap Marching Band

4:00 Raffle Drawing #6

4:15 Blitz Freestyle Breakdancers

5:10 Pizza Eating Contest Begins

10 people compete to see who can eat the most pizza in 30 minutes.

5:45 Raffle Drawing #7

6:00 Grand Prize Raffle Drawing (must be present to win)

6:30 Happy Birthday to Slicey


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