Seven Films to See on Christmas Weekend

The Holidays always come with a barrage of family members who quarrel and food that unbuckles your belt. You don’t have to stay home and listen to the same argument about whose recipe for is better, let us help you navigate your way through the list Holiday movie decisions along with an extra special pairing to keep you fat and jolly.

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Star Wars: The Force Awakens

In Theaters Now

So what you didn’t wait in a bloody knuckle line to see it opening day? Here’s your chance to miss out on the craziness of that noise!If you haven’t seen this box office crusher 2 or 3 times by now, this movie should be your top priority this weekend.


HOUSE MADE PORK SAUSAGE & PEPERONATA PIZZA $12 Red and green peppers, marinara, red onion, roasted garlic, mozzarella, ricotta, parmesan, pecorino romano, celery leaves $12



The Hateful Eight

Release date: December 25

Oh the fire is delightful in this snowy stuck-in-the-cabin-movie. Quentin Tarantino directs his 9th film coming out Christmas Eve and it promises all the action and gore we have come to love from his films, but I have to say that I love the “Who Dun It?” quality attached to this film.


HOLIDAY TURKEY BURGER $12 Ground Turkey Patty, Cranberry Sauce, Spinach, Swiss, Caramelized Red Onion. With Fries

CANDY CANE SHAKE $9 Peppermint Schnapps, Crushed Candy Canes, Vanilla Ice Cream.


Release date: December 25

David O. Russell’s decades-spanning comedy about Joy Mangano, the inventor of the Miracle Mop. Russell’s third film once again starring Jennifer Lawrence, is chaotic story story about the perseverance over ridiculous odds of irrational self-involved characters. This cast has been winning ensemble for the director, in this his 3rd film in a row using the talents of Jennifer Lawrence, Bradley Cooper and Robert De Niro.


BRIE & ONION JAM BURGER $15 Truffle aioli, spinach.


The Krampus

Mostly watch this one to instill the fear in your family that if they argue, they’ll have the favorite hooved demon to stuff them in a bag and drag them to the fiery pits of Hades. Also, it’s just a fun story that takes place in the Christmas world and it’s a step outside the ordinary feel good Christmas movies one is used to.


OMNIVORE PIZZA $12.5 Marinara sauce, mozzarella, pepperoni, green pepper, red onion, tomato, kalamata olives, mushroom, parmesan, pecorino romano.

MAKER’S MARK MILK PUNCH SHAKE $8 Maker’s Mark, vanilla ice cream, nutmeg, whipped cream.



Release date: December 25

While conducting an autopsy on former NFL football player Mike Webster (David Morse), forensic pathologist Dr. Bennet Omalu (Will Smith) discovers neurological deterioration that is similar to Alzheimer’s disease.  Will Smith is already being lauded by the Golden Globes for his performance so expect an Academy Award Nomination to follow.  So if you don’t see this over the weekend, you should see it soon after. Don’t just wait for the Blu-ray!


HATCH GREEN CHILE MAC & CHEESE $10 American, cheddar, cotija, parmesan, pecorino romano, breadcrumbs.



Daddy’s Home

Release date: December 25

What’s Christmas without a good ole fashioned dad-off?! Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg team up again in this comedy and it’s just fun to watch those guys have it out.


GROWN UP GRILLED CHEESE $10 Mozzarella, goat cheese, spinach, tomato

BOURBON’S FOSTER $10 Bourbon, Spiced Rum, Banana, Bitters


Love the Coopers

Ok, I had to end with a gushy, warm, feel it in your belly type of movie. The director who brought you The Family Stone does it again in this home for the holidays flick. You might be rolling your eyes right now, but June Squibb is in it and she’s so stinkin cute, you’ll want to adopt her as your new Grandmother and take her home with you!


SPAGHETTI SQUASH MARINARA $10 Mozzarella, herb parmesan, pecorino romano, ciabatta toast.



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