It’s about that time of year when you want to live and look your very best.  Most Austinites, including myself, love to indulge something delectable, whether it’s creamy chocolate caramel swirl ice cream on a casual Friday night with Netflix on the tube or a hot juicy burger at the poolside. Whatever your go to comfort treat is sometimes we want something lighter and healthy to curve that craving. 

Austin is known for being one of the healthiest cities to live in the US because of the active and healthy lifestyle people live.  Being here for four years myself and counting I’ve joined the healthy train. As of lately I’ve been thinking of summer delight alternatives to munch on that are lighter and healthier with that comfort taste. 

Ice Cream cone stack

Healthy Ice Cream – Outshine Antioxidants, raspberry with 1/2 dipped in dark chocolate found at any local HEB or Target.

Cauliflower Mashed Potatoes – Creamy Cauliflower Mash with scallions and black truffle salt. (The cauliflower mash you can find at Central Market but you’ll need to add the scallions and black truffle salt)

Lettuce Wrapped Burgers – Wrap it up with a spinach tortilla and maybe sub for rosemary marinated chicken. (You can find similar wraps at Whole foods Market and find the ingredients their as well or check out Hopdoddy for their scrumptious delights)

Croissant Breakfast Sandwich – Try Golden Age Loaf (@ Whole Foods) with smashed avocado with turkey bacon and a poached egg on top. (Pre-made sandwiches ready to eat at whole foods market)

blenders and bowls

Smoothie Bowls – Any protein smoothie with a nut butter, plenty of fresh/frozen berries and a milk alternative. Don’t forget to add some type of greens (spinach or kale are my go to). (Check out Blenders and Bowls for your smoothie fix)

Industry Brunch Mimosa

Boozy Refreshments – Glass of wine, White Claws (Lime or blackberry), Mimosa with grapefruit juice, Titos Vodka soda with lime.(Any HEB or check out CU-29 for some crafty refreshing cocktails)

Pastries – Slice of pie, fruit tarts, gluten free & vegan option: Better Bites Bakery “ The Big Mo Cupcake” (Find Tiny Pies Co. on your yelp app or Whole Foods).

Cosmic Taco

Tacos – Tacos are time to treat yourself so get whatever you want! YOLO! ( Vera Cruz for my go to migas taco!)

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