By Marika Flatt

What better way to spend a Fat Tuesday than to attend The Taste of Round Rock, event held at Dell Diamond? Isn’t that what we’re supposed to do the day before Lent: stuff our faces (prior to giving up all that is good)? Living in “the Rock,” I’m a huge advocate of staying local, so this was a welcome opportunity to taste several restaurants all in one location.

I attended this event several years ago and it was indoors. Well, it’s obviously grown in popularity, and therefore… we were outdoors. Yes, 2- hour delay for schools in the morning due to freezing temps and here we were walking around outside later that day. We had not dressed to be outdoors, so it was quite cold (read: hands frozen holding plate).

However, it was a pleasure getting to sample some of my faves. For instance, the chili frito pie from Jack Allen’s Kitchen was worth the price of admission. Made from South Texas boar, sprinkled with green chilis and cheese…divine for a cold night. Another bonus, I discovered a great restaurant that I’ve never seen, Greenhouse Craft Food. They served a hearty macaroni & cheese and I found that they are at Old Settlers & Sunrise, so I will definitely be taking my family to eat at this green establishment. I want to try their Poblano Gouda Soup, The Duke sandwich and The Greenhouse Special. Keep a watch out for me, green friends.

A restaurant we recently experienced, The Egg & I, was representin’; however, I wasn’t in the mood for the waffles they were serving. Now, if it was an omelette, I would have been all over it!

Two other restaurants that I was introduced to, which I will surely visit, are: Curly’s BBQ that recently joined the cool RR Main St. clique and Bellini’s Texas Grill in Cedar Park. Bellini’s says they are “Texas-Tuscan Fusion,” which just sounds delightful to me and their sample was amazing.

I do wish I would have read the website closer and seen that kids 10 and under were free because I would have brought mine along (so they didn’t have to eat frozen pizza at home.) The only thing I had a real beef with (pun intended) is that there was one bar and they were charging $7 for a beer (and the selection was limited to Budweiser & Bud Lite) and $10 for a small cup of wine. These prices would be swollen at a bar, but even more so at an event where you paid for a ticket. I think they should have gotten into the Fat Tuesday spirit of Mardi Gras and given away that domestic beer.

All in all, it was a fun experience and I’d recommend it. Next year, I will schlep my kids along and wear my winter hat, scarf and mittens.


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