By Andrea Haughton

The time has arrived and the fun is upon us.  Fun Fun Fun (FFF) Fest that is. The ninth annual FFFFest commences today, in all of its taco cannon firing, Twinkie hurling, laid back vibing coolness. Why is this little festival the best that Austin has to offer? Fresh music, diversity of both artists and audience and the quirky charm that FFFFest culture emits. Essentially, it’s a three-day tribute to keeping Austin weird – an ode to the Austin of old. Part of its beauty is downplayed commercialism, increased localism and extreme amounts of really rad stuff (ahem #TacoCannon).


The next three days will be full of an eclectic compilation of artists spanning baby-making tunes (courtesy of Ginuwine), rap (Run the Jewels is high on our list), heavy-hitting metal (complete with rowdy moshers), punk rock, Indie rockers and electronica/indie chillers like Sohn and Astr. In case amazing tunage is not enough for you – check out the bike and skate ramps (do not attempt at home please) or laugh your butt off in the comedy tent.


Since I am a music fan, I will leave the musical writing to the pros and focus on another fundamental building block of life: sustenance. You are going to need it – it is after all a festival.  One of the best parts of FFFFest is nomming. Incorporating a fundamental culinary element defining Austin, the festival brings in food trucks and local beer and juice. Here is our guide to festival noms aka…

Photo Credit: Fun Fun Fun Fest via Facebook


Eat This Not That. No Seriously.


Photo: Andrea Haughton


When: Breakfast, Lunch , Dinner

Why: Because the clever name is no misnomer. These kebabs are really friggin’ delicious…and it is the only festival they participate in – making them a novelty.

On the menu: Beef/Lamb, Chicken and Falafel Kebabs, Kebab-a-fries.

Advice from the chef: My experience has definitely taught me not to be intimidated by the line, and don’t be afraid to ask someone where they got that fantastic looking item. Oh, and always get the fries!

Chef motto: Sometimes dance breaks are just a necessity.




When: Lunch, Snack, Dinner

Why: Chi’lantro is an Austin staple and a dang tasty one. Their fusion vittles will never leave you unsatisfied.

On the Menu: The Original Kimchi Fries (Beef and Vegetarian), Korean Fried Chicken and Tofu Tacos.

Advice from the chef: Customers who are way drunk and happy: Thanks for your 100% tips. We appreciate the festival love!

Chef motto: Eat a lot, Drink and do the Dance.


Skull and Cakebones

When: Anytime the sweet-tooth hits

Why: Because sweet-teeth are real and cakebones are uniquely delicious.

On the Menu: (All of the following are vegan)

GNGRKFT: A ginger vanilla Jester King beer cake topped with lemon buttercream and candied ginger sprinkles.

alt-Chai: A chai spiced latte cake frosted with Cuvee espresso buttercream.

Hempasaur Jr.: A vanilla Happy Hemp cake with vanilla buttercream.

Screameo: Ice cream cakewich filled with Vanilla…ahh Nadamoo! and rolled in mini chocolate chips.

Advice from the chef: Pace yourself. How often to you get the chance to have some of Austin’s best grub at your fingertips in one place? And if you are trying to avoid the lines, eat dessert first! 😉

Chef motto: The more fun you are having, the more people you attract, so don’t be afraid to act silly and have fun.


Not full yet? Check these guys out too!


Tamale House East served up some seriously mouth-watering tamales in 2013 – I think I personally ate half of their supply when I wasn’t stuffing my face with kebabs. They are back this year and manning the inherently righteous Taco Cannon. The #TacoCannon will be spewing tacos 200 feet into the air from both the #RunTheJewels and #PeelanderZ shows on Friday of the fest.


Juiceland will be back to dole out refreshing juices for the oh-so-fresh-pressed-obsessed Austin crowds. Perfect pick me up, perfect refreshment, perfect mixer (if you support that kind of thing).


Burro Cheese Kitchen makes ooey-gooey, and – more importantly – inventive grilled cheeses. With temperatures dipping below the forties this weekend, a grilled cheese sounds pretty perfect.


VIP “Ulitmate Smooth Pass” holders are in for a pretty big treat with noms catered by Chef Sonya Cote of Eden East and Hillside Farmacy in addition to local trailer Tapas Bravas. Juiceland, craft beer and cocktails also await smooth passers.


Friendly Festival Advice

  • Festivals are marathons not a sprint. It is three days of glory if you drink and eat accordingly. It’s three days of hangover Hell if you screw it up. If you are over age 27, factor in one extra recovery day per year.
  • Tip the food slingers. They are working hard to make sure you don’t turn into a hungry puddle of mush. Thank them for their consideration.
  • For the love of god, wear sunscreen.
  • Charmin Wipes/travel Kleenex/Sanitizer will change your festival life. Promise.
  • Drink H20. Every chance you get.
  • Dance your pants off.
  • Don’t drink and drive.
  • Ever.
  • Go to bed by 4:00 a.m. Then #riserinserepeat


So now, don your party pants and go forth and revel my #ffffest friends. See you out there!


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