Fun Fun Fun Festival is about to to take over Austin this weekend, but as of today they’re taking over Supper. The FFF team have curated over 20 spots to eat and drink around the city which can all be found under the ‘Fun Fun Fun Eats vibe in the Supper app.


Supper is an curated app that lets you discover places to eat & drink in Austin depending on your mood or vibe. For a limited time, Austinites can experience the best of the Fun Fun Fun Festival by tapping on the ‘Fun Fun Fun Eats’ vibe on the landing screen.


Find FFF Festival food vendor on the app plus more FFF recommendations. Each profile on Supper has beautiful photography, an editorial snippet, a recommendation, and tells you what music you’ll hear there for a complete 360!


Click here to check out all the FFF recommendations, as well as the rest of Supper’s curated recommendations from the likes of Paul Qui, SXSW, Delta Spirit and more.


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Hayden Walker
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Hayden Walker is the Editor in Chief and Director of Operations for Austin Food Magazine

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