foodstylebytaylorAfter my first visit to the lovely VOM FASS store, off Bee Caves Road, I have returned multiple times and found something to fall in love with each visit. My most recent visit found me eyeing their newly imported pastas. After the owner Chris Vetromille mentioned they had a “bacon pasta”, I heard nothing else and grabbed a bag.
After the purchase I felt it was necessary to not waste the specialty pasta on a bottled jar of sauce, so I took it upon myself to create my own pasta sauce! I found the Pioneer Woman’s spaghetti sauce recipe. The recipe is simple and ironically involved Trader Joe’s pasta sauce, which I had in the fridge. I substituted ground beef ground turkey and was very pleased with the result. The sauce and pasta paired perfectly, and I am very excited to go back and try the other pasta flavors VOM FASS offers.

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