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At an age where many might consider retirement, Chef Raymond Tatum is working harder than ever. The long days and intense labor it takes to run a business almost single-handedly can be taxing, but Raymond takes it all in stride. His masterful command of his ingredients turn each plate into a work of art, and his devoted fans fall in line to consume his creations. Like any artist answering his calling, he has to cook. And Austin gets to reap the benefits.


As the name suggests, Three Little Pigs is an ode to pork. Delicious, natural, anti-biotic and hormone-free pork cooked an endless amount of ways. The pig cheeks sell no matter what. The pork belly tops “best of” lists time and time again. Even the more experimental cuts, like intestine, are a thing of divinity (for those brave enough to give it a try.)


Raymond is in the company of a gifted family of cooks, pastry chefs, and an overachieving son who shares his passion for Asian food. The inclusion of Chinese black bean sauce or piquant kimchi make each dish an amalgam of the traditional and the future. Dishes are wildly bold, yet refined, like the confit of pig cheeks, using his own clarified pork belly fat. It’s not often you’ll see twice-cooked pork tongue on a menu, and almost never out of a trailer. But innovation is par for the course at Three Little Pigs. And for the record, the pork tongue is out of this world.

Beyond pork, the venison sausage and Brussels sprouts are a crowd favorite. Chicken and beef make appearances on the always-changing menu, as does the finest seasonal produce. The gluten and meat intolerant will always have options, too, as Raymond will whip up something special for those with dietary requests.


To simply state that this is the best food coming out of a trailer doesn’t do it justice. Rather, it’s more apt to describe the euphoria the eater feels when taking that first bite. The sheer volume of flavor that is underscored by incredible textures and colors create a perfect symphony. Every single dish. Every single time. Each offering is a stroke of genius, an edible masterpiece.



1209 Rosewood Ave.

Austin, TX 78702

Hours: Tuesday-Saturday 5:00 pm-10:00 pm





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