Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad is promising so much to theatre goers, but will they deliver a smash hit or put us in the doldrums?

Margot Robbie (The Wolf of Wall Street), Oscar winner Jared Leto, and Will Smith head up an all star cast of criminal misfits. It’s the first time that audiences have seen Harley Quinn on the big screen and the stakes are high. Quinn, darling of cosplay hipsters, has a lot to live up to and Robbie is set to deliver a stellar performance. 

Jared Leto (Dallas Buyers Club)  is an interesting and exciting choice for The Joker, appearing to bring some of Heath Ledger’s gleeful darkness back to the character.

Writer/Director David Ayer (Training Day) brings his action lovin’ ass to the world of super heroes and the effect is keen. Snappy dialogue and enjoyable action mix with gorgeously gritty costumes to make this comic book movie stand out.

In spite of the common one liner drivel that Will Smith (Wild Wild West) will undoubtedly contribute, I’m predicting Suicide Squad will have a little something for everyone to enjoy.



Nine Lives

Nine Lives; universally loved by children, universally hated by cats.

Kevin Spacey (K-PAX) channels his inner Tim Allen to shaggy dog his way through this litter box office frolic. Wanting to soften his appearance from his mean and nasty House of Cards character, he has chosen to play Garfield. This move will fall flat with adults, but it’ll be easy for the kids to stomach if you throw in a pound of candy.

Costarring in this hairball comedy, is Christopher Walken (Mouse Hunt), who appears to have reprised his character from Click. However, instead of working at Bed Bath & Beyond, he opens a kitty curio shop near Wall Street. If you can’t tell already, wacky hijinks ensue.

So rekindle your memories of Oh Heavenly Dog or The Emperor’s New Groove and sit back to enjoy the mindless mayhem Barry Sonnenfeld (Wild Wild West) hacks up all over the nice theatre carpet.


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