Farmgrass Fest 2015

On a picturesque farm just southeast of Austin, those of us with an obsession for bluegrass music gathered to hear some of the finest musicians Central Texas has to offer.  We brought our chairs, we brought our refreshments, we brought our friends, and we were not disappointed.

Austinites love bluegrass music, and we also love music festivals.   We have many to choose from throughout the year and now we have a second bluegrass festival that is sure to grow in the hearts of those same music lovers.  The talent was fantastic and there was never a gap in music.  When one band finished on one stage the other stage’s band started up immediately and you didn’t even have to move your chair.  The stages were close enough to each other that looking back and forth from stage to stage ensured the music was seamless and ever entertaining.

The food was quite exceptional as well.  There were three vendors that between them had delicious offerings suited for all tastes.  One taste of the sublime – gluten free fried chicken & waffles.  It was heaven on earth for those who indulged.  Everyone was talking about the food and how good it was.  It was just as a festival outside of Austin should be….a culinary delight.  Parking was easy, the farm was beautiful and the hill country drive was spectacular with all the wildflowers in bloom.


We are already looking forward to next year.   We will return to see the small kids playing on the haystacks, listen to the uplifting sounds of bluegrass music and those musicians who love to play it for us, and to eat fantastic food to our hearts desire.  I can’t think of a better way to spend a nice Spring day out in the country right here in Central Texas.


Photos by: Courtney Pierce

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