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Uchiko’s October Sake Supper Series

October 1st is World Sake Day.  What better way to spend the evening than with a 10-course Uchiko meal paired with three hand-selected sakes?  As you may recall, Uchiko launched their Sake Supper Series in September with a curbside package featuring sakes brewed by women.  This month, the October package features three nigori sakes, along with informational collateral and a guided video tasting with Uchiko’s SEC-certified Advanced Sake Professional Peyton Walston that can be accessed via QR code.


The October nigori-themed edition of Uchiko’s Sake Supper Series ($150), a monthly to-go dinner for two that includes three small-format sake tastings hand-selected to pair with a 10-course dinner, plus dessert, from Uchiko’s curbside menu.


While dining at home, guests can reference provided tasting materials, or for a fully immersive experience, they can access a virtual tour – via a QR code – guided by Uchiko’s Peyton Walston, an SEC-certified Advanced Sake Professional.




Dassai 45 Junmai Daiginjo Nigori from the Asahi Brewery in Yamaguchi, Japan, is delicate and floral with a cloud-like texture.  Daiginjos make great pairings with lighter dishes like sashimi and greens, making it a wonderful complement to the first three dishes:

  • grilled shishitos lion’s head peppers, uchiracha                                
  • sawara crudo Spanish Mackerel, myoga, mitsuba
  • P-38 japanese yellowtail, avocado, yuzu kosho, grilled negi, cilantro


Kikusui’s Perfect Snow Genshu Nigori is from Kikusui brewery in Niigata, Japan.  It is an intense, full-bodied sake.  Its richness is balanced by the high alcohol content of 21% and is paired with dishes that can match its intensity:

  • snapper endive, mango, mapo oil                                                                        
  • shima aji nigiri x 2
  • suzuki nigiri x2                                                             
  • mushroom risotto chanterelle, enoki, nori butter                                                           


Komachi’s Nagaragawa Sparkling Nigori Namazake is a drier style of nigori that has a refreshing crispness from Komachi brewery in Gifu, Japan.  It is sparkling, resulting from secondary fermentation in the bottle and namazake (completely unpasteurized) so be sure to keep this one in the fridge!  A touch of umami and nuttiness makes it a great pairing with shellfish and a new dessert:

  • Snow Crab Nigiri x2                                     
  • Madai Nigiri x2                                             
  • Scallop aji amarillo, delicatta squash, fig                                                                          
  • Okashi chestnut and cured egg yolk                  

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Oct 01 2020


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