Chinatown Restaurant today announces a new “Izakaya” concept with a sushi and yakitori menu at its downtown location at 107 West 5th Street in Austin (512-637-8888). Izakayas are Japanese-style pubs that traditionally serve as casual places for after-work and late-night drinking and eating.


“Like children in any family, each of our three Chinatown locations has a very different personality,” said Chef and owner Ronald Cheng. “Chinatown Downtown is already full of really lively, fun and loud customers, with our daily happy hours and karaoke on weekends. It just makes sense to add more items to our menu that pair well with partying.”


Similar to Spanish tapas, a customary Izakaya meal starts with shared dishes that progress from lighter and more delicate in flavor to heavier, richer items, with, of course, lots of sake and beer in between. A usual meal ranges from sushi to yakitori (grilled, skewered meats) to more filling rice and noodle dishes.


Chef Teddy Simon, a longtime member of the Chinatown family who was recently named executive sushi chef at Chinatown Downtown, has curated a sushi menu that includes traditional nigiri and sashimi options, such as salmon, tuna, botan ebi (shrimp), uni (sea urchin), Japanese snapper and Hawaiian Kampachi, as well as assorted chef’s sushi, sashimi and chirashi dishes. Sushi rolls will also be available, which include the “Chinatown,” with crunchy shrimp tempura, spicy tuna and cucumber, and the “Texas,” with wagyu beef, avocado, cucumber and chives.


The yakitori menu of grilled meats is starting simple with pork tenderloin, chicken thigh, beef steak and sea bass and will eventually expand in the coming months to other classics, such as chicken liver, hearts and gizzards.


“Our customers downtown have been requesting sushi for a long time, but there was never the space before. We’ve now remodeled with a new sushi bar and wanted to offer an extra surprise, so we’re starting to roll out our first ever yakitori menu of grilled meats too. Plus, everyone likes meat on a stick.” added Cheng.


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About Chinatown Restaurants

Chinatown has proudly brought a uniquely gourmet Asian dining experience to Austin since 1983. Locally family owned/operated, Chinatown presents an epicurean tour of various regions of China – from the traditional mandarin cuisine of Beijing to the inland provinces and spicy foods of Hunan and Szechuan, to the coastal cities with their more “family foods” of Canton and Shanghai. With three locations in north Austin, downtown and in Westlake, Chef and owner Ronald Cheng has the longest running Chinese restaurants in the city. The north, downtown and Westlake locations offer sushi. Weekend dim-sum brunch service is served at the north and Westlake locations.

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