Tiny Pies planted itself on the ever burgeoning Burnet road, and embodies a true Austin style. With its funky yet sophisticated painted exterior, to the rustic and classic interior, there isn’t anything to deter you from enjoying their plethora of fresh baked goodies.

The Ginger Brumpkin

The Ginger Brumpkin

As you would expect, the shop offers an array of flavors of pie and other flaky pastries. This includes the fall necessity… pumpkin pie! This tasty bite delivers a punch of spice along with the rich and creamy pumpkin flavor. Adorned with the cutest pie crust leaves and homemade whipped cream, you will find yourself grabbing more than a few of these (you know… as gifts.. or for later)

The Classic Pumpkin Pie and the Not So Tiny Pumpkin Ice Cream Pie

The Classic Pumpkin Pie and the Not So Tiny Pumpkin Ice Cream Pie

This fall, they are adding a few new pumpkin flavored pies to their menu. With a combination of two classic desserts, the Ginger Brumpkin Pecan is a mashup of their delicious traditional pumpkin pie and brownie batter with halved pecans housed in a gingerbread crust. This gives a great depth of flavor, as well as the texture the nuts add to the pie. Also, they have something you will truly love. The Not So Tiny Pumpkin Ice Cream Pie! As if the classic pie wasn’t scrumptious enough… let’s mix it with ice cream! These pumpkin pies will definitely become your favorite fall tradition!


Homemade S’mores Pop-tarts

If that isn’t convincing enough, they also offer an assortment of other pastries and savory goods. This includes beyond incredible homemade pop-tarts, and a great selection of quiches and empanadas. Another great aspect of the bakery is there use of local ingredients. They even list their contributors in their bakery, giving credit where it’s due! There is definitely something for everyone at Tiny Pies!

Local Contributors

Local Contributors

More about Tiny Pies!

Tiny’s Tiny Pies are the ORIGINAL tiny hand-held pie. Our pies are just like grandma used to make…only much, much, smaller. Tiny’s Tiny Pies are made from old family recipes with the highest quality natural ingredients sourced from local farms (when possible). You can eat them without utensils and they taste great either hot or cold.

5035 Burnet Road, Austin, Texas 78756 | 512-916-0184 |

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