Ghostbusters Gets a Makeover


With Fourth of July in the rearview, Austinites are desperate to beat the heat and fill the gap until Labor Day. The best way to forget about triple digit weather is to enjoy a good old fashioned picture show.

Ghostbusters has moviegoers aquiver with anticipation to recapture some childhood magic. The critics have been arguing whether the leading ladies in charge of the proton packed adventure could hold their own in this reboot of the 1984 classic. The online debates have been heated, to say the least. Gender trolling has been out of control since the first trailer released. Director Paul Feig and the lovely female cast make light of that by playing it up in this spirited, fun-loving flick.

Sure, the CGI is a little out of control and some jokes fall flat, but who’s nitpicking? It feels like a Ghostbusters movie. Nothing will ever be better than the first, but lets stop whining and rejoice that Micheal Bay didn’t direct. Epic battles with ghouls, the comedic timing Kate McKinnon lends, and the dopey antics of Liam Hemsworth, make Ghostbusters a palatable pleasure.

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