Today is National Onion Ring Day! Fries don’t have to be the typical go-to side item with your delicious burger.  They don’t even have to be a side item anymore, you may prefer it for your appetizer, as a snack or if you’re a Maverick you’ll eat it as a full meal.  Either way, we did the hard, yet enjoyable work for you and selected our top 5 spots for the best onion rings in Austin.  Don’t just trust our judgement, get out there and devour these rings yourself.


El Sappo

El Sapo

El Sapo’s golden onions rings are dipped in house made buttermilk batter and lightly fried, then paired with spicy chipotle ketchup. Oh yeah, the burger is good too, so do yourself a favor and get both.

1900 Manor Rd



Uchi and Uchiko

After several years of being opened in Austin, Uchi and Uchiko continues to impress patrons with an unparalleled dining experience and one may never expect something as simple as onion rings to be served in such a fine restaurant. They’ve elevated their onion rings with pure elegance, made tempura batter and fried to a light golden crisp, topped with togarashi and white soy.

801 S. Lamar Blvd

Hyde Park Bar & Grill

The fries at Hyde Park Bar & Grill are undoubtedly king of the restaurant, but those onion rings though! They’re thick and battered with rich house made buttermilk and seasoned flour and fried to a nice crunchy crisp, then served with their original sour cream and onion dip.

4206 Duval St.


dirty martin's

Dirty Martin’s

Dirty Martin’s has been a staple in Austin for generations and thankfully hasn’t changed a thing. They’ve been preparing some of the best burgers, fries and onion rings in the city since 1926 and continues to impress Austinites and students at the University of Texas campus with their classic grub. The onion rings are truly legendary and is a staple in Austin, making them easily one of our favorites in town.

2808 Guadalupe St.



Top Notch onion rings

Photo by

Top Notch

Top Notch is not simply famous because they appeared on “Dazed and Confused”, it’s one of the few classic burger joints remaining in Austin that continues to be deliciously simple. Each ring is consistently piping hot and perfect as they separate at the corners as you bite in to one with every order.

7525 Burnet Rd.



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