It’s National Fried Chicken Day and just another great excuse for us to devour our favorite fried fowl in excess. If you’re a meat-eater, chances are extremely high you share a love of fried chicken like 90% (assumptive, made-up calculations) of the rest of the world. Most of us have our own personal connection with fried chicken dating back to our childhood, making it one of the most classic, deep fried eats we’ve enjoyed for generations.


Fried chicken dates back to the Scottish immigrants who brought their traditions of deep-frying chicken in fat and introducing it to the southern United States.  Fried chicken eventually became a southern staple and was later enriched with seasonings and spices from newer recipes to improve the flavor.


Most of us have our own taste and preferences from the national fast food spots to the locally established restaurants and food trucks. Wherever your cravings lead you, today is a perfect day to take out your friends and family for big bucket of chicken with all of your favorite side trimmings and an ice cold drink, and go for a picnic to enjoy your favorite fried chicken in true southern fashion.  Check out a list of our favorite spots in Austin.

Traditional Style


Gus's Fried Chicken

Gus’s World Famous Fried Chicken

117 San Jacinto Blvd.

Memphis based Gus’s World Famous Fried Chicken may not technically be a local spot, but I dare you to eat it without calling it one of the best in town.  Each piece of chicken is fried to a golden crisp, all while staying perfectly moist and juicy inside with a slight spicy kick in the after taste. Every plate comes with their standard side of beans, coleslaw and white bread, just as it does in it’s Tennessee flagship.


Max's Wine Dive fried chicken 5

Max’s Wine Dive

117 San Jacinto Blvd.

Max’s Wine Dive has consistently been crowned by Texans as serving the best fried chicken in state since opening their original Houston location in 2006.  The chicken is prepared with a crispy jalapeño-buttermilk crust, encasing its juicy meat, arriving with a slice of Texas toast, mashed potatoes and fresh collard greens.  Who doesn’t love fried chicken and champagne?


Mrs. P’s Electric Cock 

1101 S Congress Ave

Ms P’s Electric Cock has become a world famous, Austin grown institution featuring their refined southern fried chicken recipe with a unique ‘food-truck-style’ twist. They start with locally sourced sustainable, antibiotic and hormone free chicken that’s always fresh and never frozen.  I would honestly live in their food truck forever if I could eat their chicken every day.


Hoover's Fried Chicken


2002 Manor Rd

Hoover’s Cooking has been serving honest-to-goodness classic Texas home cooking on Manor Rd. for the last 15 years by native Austinite Hoover Alexander. He grew up helping his family hand pick farm fresh produce carrying the tradition on to his restaurant making him a pioneer in Austin’s famous farm-to-table movement before it was cool! Their fried chicken is a classic crispy recipe full of flavor and a home cooked touch.


Lucy’s Chicken

3 Locations in Austin – 5408 Burnet Rd | 2218 College Ave | 2900 Ranch Rd 620 N

Lucy’s is one of Austin’s favorite homegrown restaurants that just happens to be known for its amazing fried chicken where you can literally get a bucket of fried chicken the way our founding fathers intended it to be served (not really).  Is it weird that my personal favorite is their cold chicken?


Top Notch Fried Chicken

Top Notch

7525 Burnet Rd

If you’ve lived in Austin for more than 5 years, you should already know everything there is to know about Top Notch.  It’s the same place on Dazed and Confused where Matthew MacConaughey first said “Alright, alright, alright!”.  This classic burger joint has been serving up delicious and crispy Texas free-range fried chicken since the 1970’s, so your parents were probably chowing down on this back in their glory days.


Bill Miller BBQ

Bill Miller BBQ

8103 Burnet Rd.

Prior to being known as a BBQ establishment, Bill Miller BBQ first opened it’s doors in 1953 in San Antonio as a Fried Chicken joint in San Antonio. It looks like they haven’t lost their touch because their original recipe is still being served today.  Pick up a big box a chicken or a few pieces with a bucket of their famous iced tea and enjoy!


Little Barrel and Brown

1716 South Congress Avenue

LB&B’s crispy, flavorful, Texas free range buttermilk fried chicken comes with a side of Watermelon-arugula salad. I’ve had dreams about this chicken since my first bite.


Fried Chicken Sandwiches


500 W 5th St, Austin

This bad boy is only available during Daily Social hours for only $9.  The fried chicken sandwich comes on a house made sunchoke roll, along with sweet tea pickles, chicken mayo, a sunchoke & benne seed roll and arrives with a side of salt & pepper fries.



Flyrite Chicken

2129 E 7th St

Flyrite uses fresh local ingredients from better the best possible sources, including all-natural chicken raised without antibiotics. Their delicious sandwiches, wraps and shakes are fresh and made to order.  The crispy chicken breast is served on a toasted whole wheat bun with homemade pickle chips and your choice of sauce.


Parlor and Yard

601 W 6th St

Parlor and Yard’s Fried Chicken Sliders is served with house made pickles and spicy yum yum sauce for only $8!


Shake Shack Chicken Sandwich

Shake Shack

1100 S Lamar Blvd #2100 &  11228 Domain Dr

The Chick’n Shack is available at both Shake Shack locations in Austin for only $6.29.  It comes on Shake Shack’s signature bun, deep-fried chicken breast with shredded lettuce, pickles and buttermilk mayo.




Hot Chicken Townsend


718 Congress Ave #100

Ever since I was lucky enough to get my first bite of Nashville Hot Fried Chicken last year, I’ve been on an insane hunt for a spot in Austin that serves it. Finally, Chef Huffman at the Townsend has made my dreams in to a reality.


Chicon Hot Fried Chicken


1914 E 6th St.

I always feel like Chef Andrew Wisehart knows my deeps darkest cravings.  How on earth did he find out I was addicted to Hot Fried Chicken? He’s got me hooked on his version of this delicious bird, so I’ll happily become a repeat visitor on Sundays as it’s only served during brunch hours!