Today is National French Fry Day and we have narrowed down our favorite spots in the city to indulge on our picks for Austin’s Best French Fries. Grab a bib, for some of the most mouth watering french fry you encounter as these restaurants are taking our favorite golden potato sticks to a whole new level.

It’s very rare that you meet someone who doesn’t enjoy a plate of hot, crispy french fries. French fries are loved and devoured by folks of all ages because they can be seasoned with just about anything and dipped into a variety of special sauces and aiolis. Austin, TX has the french fry game down solid and you’ll most certainly want to get your fingers on some of these unique potato creations in the city.



Photo | Hayden Walker

TRACE Austin 

Located in the W Austin Hotel on 2nd St., Trace has taken simple french fries to an entirely different level. These house cut potatoes are fried to golden perfection, seasoned perfectly, and then topped with smoked brisket, queso, and jalapeno crema. They are so sinfully delicious that there is no way you could ever forget you ate them.

200 Lavaca Street


Photo | Hayden Walker

Mia Italian Tapas & Bar 

A cozy, Italian-inspired restaurant with a hip flair, Mia Italian Tapas & Bar is great for any occasion. Their deliciously thin cut french fries are sprinkled with Parmesan and topped with a perfectly-cooked sunny side-up egg. Mia Italian Tapas & Bar is located on Rock Rose in the Domain which is quickly becoming the new hot spot for restaurants and bars on the North-side of Austin.

11420 Rock Rose #120

Second Bar French-Fries

Photo | Atasteofkoko

Second Bar + Kitchen 

If only we could get away with eating Second Bar + Kitchen’s amazing french fries every day. Plan a day to visit the corner-side restaurant and order the black truffle pommes frites with grana padano (similar to Parmigiano Reggiano) and truffle aioli. You can even add seared foie gras if you like your french fries on the wild side. Like, is this real life?! Located on the corner of Congress Ave. and 2nd St.

200 Congress Avenue


Photo | Hayden Walker

Blackstar Co-op 

These aren’t just your “Take Me Out To The Ball Game” kind of fries. Loaded with melted cheese, jalapeños, and topped with a fried egg, there is just no way you can possibly resist; especially when paired with one of Blackstar’s house-brewed beers. Your diet can start tomorrow…

7020 Easy Wind Dr. 

Poutine 2

Photo | Hayden Walker

Oasthouse Kitchen + Bar 

Oasthouse’s Carnitas Poutine is fully designed to be artistic food porn and should not be considered as a “side dish”, especially when they are loaded with house pulled pork, goat cheese, pickled jalapeños, red onion, cilantro, and smothered in a smoked pork belly gravy. You’re welcome.

8300 N FM 620

Salty Sow-Kate-LeSueur

Photo | Salty Sow – Kate LeSueur

Salty Sow

Some of the most renowned French chefs claim that if you’ve never cooked a potato in duck fat, you have never actually eaten a potato. Good thing this gastropub takes your average pomme frites to the next level by frying them not once, not twice, but three times in duck fat and then topping them with two perfectly poached eggs and a sprinkle of freshly cut herbs. Paired with a creamy and silky Bearnaise sauce and you’ll feel like you’re in french fry heaven.

1917 Manor Rd.


Photo |

Chilantro BBQ

The beauty of french fries is that they can be eaten alone or they can be a blank canvas for a variety of sweet, salty, umami-like flavors. In this case, Chilantro’s Original Kimchi Fries are bold with flavor and can be designed and eaten to your liking. Select from a variety of proteins like spicy pork and tofu, and toppings including caramelized kimchi, cheese, cilantro, magic sauce, sesame seeds, and spicy sriracha. You’re in for a real treat!

South Lamar | Burnet | Downtown | Food Truck


Photo | Hyde Park Grill

Hyde Park Bar & Grill 

Nothing really compares to a thick, delicious buttermilk batter. We all love our fried chicken extra crispy, and the same goes for our french fries. Hyde Park Grill dips their house-cut french fries into a homemade buttermilk batter before frying to golden perfection. The fries are then tossed in black pepper, a couple other secret spices, and served alongside Hyde Park sauce. Delish!

Central | South 

ranch_fries_basket2_credit Melissa Skorpil


Freshly cut, fried-to-order waffle french fries aren’t like any other waffle fry you are used to because these ones are tossed in a ranch seasoning blend that will leave you hungry for more. With 6 locations here in Austin, you can easily get your hands on some!

Six Area Locations

launderette fries

Photo | Kate LeSeuer


Launderette’s FRITES are simple, addictive and perfectly fried to a golden crisp with a side manzano sauce, garlic aioli.

2115 HOLLY ST.

General Tso boy

Photo | Hayden Walker

General Tso’Boy

Recently opened on Rock Rose Ave. at the Domain, you wouldn’t think one of General Tso’Boy’s highlights would something as simple as their crinkle cut fries, but they’re just too damn addicting. Order them topped with the Spicy Szechuan Salt and watch your back because your friends will try to steal them.

11501 Rock Rose, Suite 152


DISCLAIMER –  We realize there are dozens of spots around the city with some of the most amazing french fries ever created and your favorite spot may not be on the list.  We’ll be adding to this list every month throughout the rest of the year, so stay tuned!

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